How have you found JCMadison for returns and exchange when the product was faulty?

  1. This is a companion query to the one about Active Endeavors. Have any of you ever had a problem with a product purchased at JCMadison and how was it handled?

    I bought my first tPF-researched bag from JCMadison, and they were great, but I've never had to return anything.

    Just wondering.

  2. I have personally never bought anything from JC Madison, and never will. Working in the industry, and having close co-workers who know the owner personally, I've heard some intersting things....I refuse to give money to an owner who wont pay back vendors or pay other bills. She also has no mind of her own, and tries to steal vendors from the competition. She even goes as far as to follow around her competition at sad!

    Having said that, the number one reason I wouldnt buy from JC Madison is because if I know that sort of thing is going on, whose to say that dealing with them with returns and such wont be a similar problem?
  3. Actually, I am having a little problem with JC Madison with my return. I purchased a top from them and returned the item within the allowed time frame. I had tracking on the item so I know it was received on 9/4. I had called around the 16th to see if the refund has been processed since I didn't see it on my credit card stmt. I was told it will be processed soon. Well, I checked my statement this morning still no refund. I called and the lady said that she found the return and is not sure why the refund was not processed. She said that it will be processed today (a whole month after receiving the item) and I will see it in my credit card record in a few days. On the website it stated that the refund will be made in 15 days and it is way past the 15 days, so I am not too happy. Hope I see that money soon.
  4. I have ordered several times from JCMadison, and I've never received a defective item. I returned 2 handbags before and I have never had a problem with my returns. I was also refunded very promptly for both returns.
  5. Sorry, just realized that I didn't read the title of this post correctly. The top I purchased from JC Madison and returned had no defect so it was simply a delay in refund. I have also bought a bag from them and it came in perfect condition.