How Have You Been Carrying Your Azur Pochette?

  1. I ordered a mini azur pochette from Elux but am regretting it a bit since it is not that practical. Can anyone give me ideas for how to carry it/what outfits to wear with it? Thanks!
  2. The mini pochette can be used as a cute evening bag or a makeup/accessory bag in your handbag.
  3. I bought it a couple of weeks ago not for its practicality but because it's cute :nuts: (ok, not a good reason but still!!)
    Anyway, I'm travelling next week and I'm planning to attach it to my keepall and keep passport and wallet in it, so I can find them fast ;)
    Also, I think - besides being a nice make up bag - it makes a really nice evening clutch (you won't be carrying that much, anyway!!) and that's how I'm planning to use it... also, during the day, when you go out and only need your mobile, keys and some money/cc (and don't want to carry a bag) it fits perfectly!!!
  4. i put my cles and cellphone in it. then put it in my speedy 30. but when i go out of the car, i don't take my speedy 30, i just carry the mini pochette with me especially when i'm running errands. or i use it as an evening bag.
  5. I've carried it since I got it for my bday on the 4th of Nov. I switch off with a bigger bag for the daytime though since I need school books. But when I need a pochette lately, this is the one I've been using.
  6. I use it for shopping--stick keys, credit cards, phone inside and hang it from my arm and I don't even know it is there. It is also lovely as an evening bag.
    There are great pics (I think of bags4me) in the visual aides thread where she has all different color combos on to match other damier azur items. It looks great with a lot fo color schemed outifts surprisingly! Blues, reds, grays, blacks, creams....check it out. Enjoy it!