How has your lambskin wallet held up?

  1. It seems like the caviar leather would be a better choice for a wallet (plus it would match my new Classic flap), but I'm seeing more styles I like in the lambskin. So, I'd love to hear of your experiences with a lambskin wallet: do you use it only for special occasions to minimize signs of wear, does the leather develop marks as easily as I fear? Thanks in advance!
  2. I just bought one in November and have used it every single day since and it is not all marked up at all - it is definitely not as delicate as I thought it might be - I love lambskin!
  3. Initially, I was going to get a lambskin wallet but was afraid to get it. So, I then looked at the caviar wallet's and couldn't find a long one that I liked.

    Then, I saw the PNY wallet and had to have it. It is the distressed leather and I think it will hold up pretty well.
  4. as a matter of fact...shld get both....I'm planning to but waiting for the right "design" the caviar has quite limited design (in our boutique here.)
    Already had 1 in lambskin...still in gd condition...
  5. Good thread question - I was wondering the same . . .