How has your hubby, boyfriend, significant other indulged you in Coach?

  1. I would love to hear how you've been spoiled by the man in your life! :yes:

    (I have an ulterior motive, too -- it's our 20th wedding anniversary next month and I need some real stories to tell my hubby about other women who have been spoiled with Coach stuff. :graucho: Because that's ALL I want!)
  2. I'm going to say my DH does NOT spoil me in the Coach department (he doesn't understand WHY I need more than 1 bag. This is the same man that has 2 GPS systems...)

    But let me qualify that...

    My husband takes hints VERY well.

    Example - for our anniversary last year, I really wanted a pair of earrings from Tiffany (and didn't want to pay the $150 myself). So I went to, printed out a picture of the earrings, and left the print out on the computer desk here.

    that's it.


    yep...those Tiffany earrings...

    so maybe try that approach? Could work!
  3. I've never been spoiled by coach...yet!! 6 month anniversary is in may & so is my b-day so we shall see!!
  4. My BF hasn't indulged me in Coach. He doesn't understand my love of handbags, but he tolerates all 100+ of them in his home. When I made my most recent Coach purchase, I just used his credit card. He really doesn't keep track of what I buy, and I didn't bother telling him. He'll find out when he gets the Dillard's bill!
  5. Dh has never bought me Coach, but he did tell me I could buy the geranium sachel (then he reminded me about how nice that $1200 would be towards the down payment on my new car)

    But, he buys me lots of tiffanys diamonds and fun stuff. He also is super sweet with little things. Example, he knew how super sad I've been about this Virginia Tech thing, so he bought me a new VT sweatshirt, t shirt and flag for the yard. Now who needs the fancies with stuff like that. he's a nice boy, I think I'll keep him
  6. My husband bought me my first Coach bag and wallet! (in my sig) He loves to search online for bags for me and we're planning a trip to the outlets soon!!!!! He loves Coach almost as much as I do!!
  7. My husband doesnt buy me much, we are that type of people. We get gifts that we want throughout the year.

    Here is our rule.
    He got all his tattoos and just got another one, and I want a tattoo but for some reason he said a womans body is different than a mans, a womans body is beautiful and should be pure and all one color. So we made an agreement, No tattoos for me equals I get to be a girly girl and get coach. I got my Ergo the Same day he got his tattoo. Plus they all go on my credit card anyways haha.
  8. MY HUBBY SPOILS ME TOO MUCH. :yahoo: I have to admit it. He got me my first Coach in 2001 as a grad school graduation present. It's the red signature demi pouch. It was the last one the store had and they us it was a special edition...:wlae: :girlsigh:

    :love: Since then I always get somethin' purty for my bday, xmas, valentine's, anniversary, depressed, operation(we can't conceive and are in treatment that requires some surgery), new job, lost job, you're so pretty, he wants a new watch or something for his car, "oh look there's the outlet" get the idea. He always asks me what I want and I always answer "Coach or jewelry"!! He usually gets me both!!

    For example, I was fired injustly from my job on the 2nd. I'm incredibly bummed about it. So last Sunday he took me to "look around" and I came home with some goodies. Yesterday I had him almost convinced with the Carly (yes, this place is full of enablers..:sneaky:). Tomorrow I'm having a meeting to discuss my getting my job back and it was the perfect moment to get something. But, my Leeloo (forefront of picture below) was hospitalized today :crybaby: and my purse money goes towards that unexpected event. Maybe I'll get a skinny mini...I don't know. So, my hubby, a keeper!!!:heart:
  9. Yesterday was my birthday so my hubby got me the ergo scarfprint hobo and watercolor small tote! And were going to the Coach outlet very soon. I'll be buying my own things there lol!!!
  10. OMG I read the headline and could not stop laughing, my hubby thinks purses wallets are so stupid etc etc, He would rather me buy clothes, strange huh??
    he buys a new wallet when his is falling apart....
  11. It's actually very rare that I'll LET my boyfriend buy me anything Coach. He has bought me a few things here and there, against my will. I just like to see him spend his money on his things (car crap) and it makes me feel too good to spend my own money on my crap. However, he is always down to go purse browsing with me, even though he is a really really bad opinion giver.
  12. my DH doesn't understand my purse habit, but he accepts it. I don't think I'd ever make him go to Coach to pick something out for me. He does come into the outlet with me though to carry my bags. ha!
  13. bravorodrig!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about Leeloo - I will send my thoughts and prayers his/her way tonight. I know how special dogs are and it sounds like you've been going through a lot lately. Good luck with your meeting tomorrow and I'm glad you have a super hubby to help you through it.

    On topic - my hubby and I don't really do gifts. We buy our own and that's cool.
  15. My husband bought me a station bag 15 years ago at the outlet. I have used it at least once a week for 15 years. He bought me a red Coach makeup bag at the World Trade Center Coach before 9/11 and still has the receipt. They don't make that red anymore and the store is no longer standing.