How has your Coach taste evolved over time?

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    I'll start:

    Black/Black siggy medium/small (swingpacks) ---->

    MFF bags (before I discovered the difference between boutique versus MFF, but I did buy a few more even after being tPF-informed.) ---->

    Khaki siggy larger bags ---->

    Heritage Stripe coated canvas ---->

    Fabric Hampton's bags (weekenders) ---->

    Legacy all-leather ---->

    Coach accessories (scarves, pursefobs, keychains, brass jewelry, shoes, belts, sterling silver jewelry, et cetera) ---->

    Black/Brown rich leather bags (Carly, Zoe, Ergo) ---->

    Small Garcia leather, Madison and Parker leather crossbodys --->

    Finally Patent Leather (Green/Berry/Rose Zoe!)

    I have arrived! :yahoo: Of course I love them all and still have most in my posession. I am very happy to say that my Coach collection is pretty much now closed. I don't like any of the newer stuff anyway. :nogood:

    How have your taste for Coach evolved over time? :graucho:
  2. The main difference for me is moving from siggy to leather. My very first Coach was a watercolor tote and while I loved it at the time, I don't think I'd buy something like that now. I still have a few siggy bags, one of them being a soho hobo that I LOVE. I bought that in April 2008 and every bag I've bought since then has been leather. Also, I'm more into bigger bags now, whereas my first several were small-medium size. Part of that is I didn't want/couldn't afford to pay higher prices for bigger bags, but I also like larger bags better now. The smallest I wear now is a medium Bleecker duffle, but I prefer the size of a large or even editorial Zoe.

    I also like more than just Coach bags now. I have 2 pairs of boots, a watch, a bracelet, and several other things I wouldn't have bought when I first started getting into Coach.
  3. Mine is mostly like krislynne... my first bags were signature bags, but now I love the leather stuff. Still use my signature bags, though. I also used to buy smaller bags or black/brown. Now, I'm 1/2 and 1/2. I like colored leather. :smile:

    I also have gotten into Coach shoes & sunglasses in particular. Not into the jewelery/watches yet. Haven't really gotten into the clothes, either.
  4. My difference is as follows:

    No more MFF bags
    More Color
    More varity in my bags
    Limited Edition
    1 great FP bag from the FP Store a year.. starting next year because I have gone purse craze this year (LOL)
    Scarfs (did not have any before)
    Fobs/Lanyards (did not have any before)
    Merch from Japan
  5. My taste has evolved much like the others before me: siggy to leather. Although I dearly still love my siggy bags, I LOVE the leather bags, especially my sabrina and peyton. I'm also starting to get into the legacy line more since I can better afford those bags now.
  6. Signature to leather. Other than that, I'm un-evolved--yikes! Still prefer a medium to large bag that is designed for organization, yet stylish.
  7. My Coach tastes have pretty much stayed the same. I still love purple and that definitely hasn't changed. But I definitely have been introduced to all leather thanks to TPF. And I like having bags that are different. I try not to get the bags that everyone has (e.g., Carly), but then again, it's super hard not to. Certain bags are popular for a reason!
  8. My taste has gone so far that I don't even look at the Coach handbags anymore!

    There are so many others bags out there that have much better quality. Also, when you purchase a Coach bag you are one of the thousand people (or more) that have the identical purse.

    Coach use to be something totally different than it it now-a days.

    Can't buy a new one, because everyone and threir mother owns it. So I have given up and not purchased a Coach for for about 2 yeras.. Don't miss it at all. I don't want a bag that every teenager and mom carries. Seriously no offence to anyone. That's just how I feel about Coach. It actually makes me very sad.

    Coach is way over done. I wish it were like 15 to 20 years ago when Coach actually ment something special. That is the time frame when I actually purchased them.

    Now they just sit on the bottom of my closet in their sleepr bags.
  9. I've moved from all signature to a mix of signature and leather. I've also learned I like black on black signature wayyyy better than any other color, because I feel like it is less obvious and noticeable. But I still like material bags (as in, signature) better than leather because I feel like they are easier to care for and wear better.
  10. I also purchased Coach 15 to 20 years ago, and while I remember it being more "exclusive" at that time (could have been the fact that I was in my early 20s, and, to me, it was THE bag to get; behind the glass counter at my local deparmtent store), I love how COACH itself has evolved. Coach, as far as I'm concerned, has something for everyone, and while some styles are more popular with certain groups/ages, there are a bunch that are less common. There are several bags that I typically don't see often--pleated ergo satchel, the new Maggie (which is lovely, and a modern take, IMO, on older some of the older styles), the Parker line, etc. And speaking of identical purses, LV monogram and damier (which, don't get me wrong, I adore!) inundate the region where I live. Several other higher end designer bags ( Gucci, Balenciaga, MJ) are also frequently on the arms of "teenagers and moms."
  11. mine is like kris and brooke
    i used to only buy brown or grey/black signature. now the only sig. i buy is black on black. i never used to like the leather bags, now they are my FAV. (hints my HG) i dont purchase sig as much, its mainly the leather. but i think my taste is evolving likes coachs is...i liked the small sig when it was out, now its not so much, so its onto the bigger sig. if ever. and im loving the patent! the poppy line, suprised me, nothing like ive seen from coach before. also i dont care for the MFF much anymore...and now i know IF i can stick it out for a couple months, the bag i really want WILL make her way to the outlet. LOL
  12. ^^ I agree. I see a lot of sig Carlys and patchwork, but I definitely don't see people with Sabrinas or Parkers. Nothing leather. And I'm REALLY looking!
  13. KrisLynne:
    It looks like the same direction as I was heading. I moved from siggy (shy siggy with black/black and then became braver and bought some khaki print and brighter other coloured C-print styles) to leather (classic black/brown and then finally headed straight to patent Rose!). Also I moved quickly from small (swingpacks) to medium to large and XL bags over time too, like you did--but with the outlets opening up near enough to me, I could afford any size I want.

    I was in the 1/2 - 1/2 mode between Siggy and Leather and thought I had the balance right, but then my love for all-leather started creeping over the siggy stuff quota. I believe that most of us probably started with modest choices and then got more and more daring over time because we got comfortable with Coach stuff.

    Coach Addict:
    I agree with more colour, more variety, but the rare, vintage, LE bags, and merch from Japan I haven't traversed than line yet. I did get 2 agendas because I wasn't sure which size (small or medium) would be my regular one but I guess it depends on how busy my life gets. Currently, the small suits my needs and less weight to carry.

    That's great to hear we're all heading in a similar direction. I still love my signature bags but I don't seem to carry them as much as I do anymore because I LOVE my leather bags. Currently, I am totally focussed on my patent leather bags because they are so colourful, cheerful, and bright. Also, they are nice and cool to the touch on a hot day and that is a pleasant discovery. Now I prefer them to the warm leather in this hot weather. I had my Legacy fix last year and now Zoe has my full attention.

    It's nice to stay consistent to a certain extent, but you're probably more 'evolved' in your taste to buy different styled bags right off the bag. I didn't like the Carly much either until I saw the black leather with silver accents. When the price was right ($170) I had to pick one up. I have a bag organizer and when I put it inside the bag, the bag slouches a perfect "V" shape right down the middle. I am really glad I got the bag because I didn't like the way it slouched on so many ladies carrying the bag and the siggy versions just looked so dirty and frayed on people.

    I know what you're saying and I see so many people carrying Coach in my city. Luckily, they are signature bags and most are MFF styles. They're not really identical here because each bag is its own style, but I have seen many duplicate MFF styles though. I am glad to say that the MFF styles beat out the fakes because most of the shopper are smart enough to realize that the real thing (with an outlet nearby in Niagara Falls) costs a little more than the fakes that break easily.

    Since Madison, Parker, Bonnie, and especially the Poppy line that came out, I have been looking elsewhere Louis Vuitton. But, they still had the older bags at the outlets and the Zoes were on sale that Coach drew me back. I got bored of LV pretty quickly because they colours were limited and darker looking and I had a few problems with scratched handles on my Damier Ebene Speedy 35 that had to be sent away for repair. All my other Coach bags, except for peeling sealant issues with one Legacy bag, are in great condition.

    For me, I am very happy that most of my bags are a little different from the vast crowd. Even with my siggy bags, I think I selected very nice ones that most people don't have (the older boutique gallery totes and nice laced denim pleated hobo, for instance). I just love Coach because I got such nice bags at such a low cost, I have so much variety with bags, accessories, and jewelry, that I use them everyday.

    I find that Coach has infiltrated my life and with the latest Coach Rose Patent Zoe, I am adding brighter and lighter colours to my wardrobe. It's a great feeling. Coach also introduced me to LV as well because it's easy to get a couple of canvas coated bags and accessories when I already have some Heritage Striped bags in my collection.

    Thank you all above for your comments. I enjoy reading them. :yes:
  14. #14 Jul 19, 2009
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    My taste has evolve so much! I expanded my horizons to other brands. I own bags no one would know what brand they are, even when they were more expensive than my Coach. I got a F&C City I use all the time, it is so pretty and I could care less if no one knows is a designer bag. I also got some cheap bags, I have a Dark Amber Silverlake that I love to death and it was only $65!! That one goes out a lot too.

    With Coach, I simply went from buying all signature to leather. I recently got into patent leather, I was a little scared at first but now I got three. I also stopped buying neutral colors such as black and brown. I added a pink, red, purple and teal to my collection! I was never a fan of MFF bags, although I did not know the difference, until I found my MFF pink gallery tote.

    The thing with Coach is that they always have something new to offer. They keep dragging me back to them and I love it :P

    And yet you are posting in the coach forum (No offense!)
  15. #15 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    I agree with the black/black signature print. I selected that at first because I was too shy to show off my Coach to everyone on the street. After awhile, I said, "What the heck? Everyone knows it's Coach anyway by now!" and I got a few khaki C-prints too. I also bought a bottle of signature cleaner as well, but I've been using my Clinique facial cleanser (have it in my bag) and it does the same job.

    I agree that Coach serves everyone. I am glad they're serving the younger crowd with the Poppy collection. I can take a sigh of relief and sit back and enjoy my collection without worrying anymore about what Coach will produce next.

    I think you're right, we are evolving with Coach as it tries different styles each season. I've bought up all the way to Zoe and then fell down to a trickle with Madison and Parker and completely flat out bought nothing with Bonnie and won't touch Poppy. But that's me. I have enough on my Coach platter without having them anyway.

    I saw lots of sig Carlys towards the end of last year but they disappeared in a puff of smoke, literally. I saw some pretty dirty (especially on the suede patches) patchwork. I'll never get a patchwork bag ever, unless they make them fantastic! I did see a few Sabrinas and one or two Parkers but that's because of the Niagara Falls outlet opened nearby and lots of daytime bus tours to Niagara Falls and back.

    I know that tPF has got me considering other brands. I got a few LVs and I have other tPFers trying to encourage me to try other namebrands too, but I tried LV and came back here.

    I was scared of Patent leather and bought a patent delphine but returned it because I was afraid it would crack in the winter cold. Right now it's summertime and I bought three. I will pack them away for the wintertime but I will enjoy them when the weather permits.