How has tPF influenced your shopping habits?

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  1. Did everyone just start buying a ton more bags? Did anyone become a smarter shopper? I feel like we have a lot of big spenders, but not too many people willing to throw money away. Are you in debt or are you a genius deal sniper?
  2. smarter shopper def.
  3. I don't think I've changed much! I can only spend money on the things that I am truly madly in love with.
  4. I am just more obsessed and have learned more... but I am still a smart shopper!
  5. Definitely a smart shopper. I do love being here on TPF gives me different perspective on what designs or brands influences people to buy what they love.
  6. ^^^^ that's how its helped me.
  7. i became a smarter shopper, which ultimately led to buying more...hehe. i have a great ability to find deals- then can't seem to walk away from them!

    and tpf has definately led me into the risky direction of falling in love with bags that are WAY out of my price range right now... which has given me my sole motivation for getting my degree.

    and let's not think about the debt right now...
  8. I definitely buy more.. not just bags but shoes, clothes.. everything.. BUT i am sooo much more educated on the different brands, designers, and fashion houses and know how to get a good deal! I've mastered how sales work, hehe
  9. LOL I agree with Megs!!!!

    I am def. more obsessed, but I don't go *crazy* :smile:
  10. I am more obsessed, lol! But damn, I am now a smart shopper!
  11. Oh yeah I spent more, but I invested in fabulous pieces I know I'll love for many, many years. I'm hooked!
  12. I have definetely spent more(within reason) on purses on other things like shoes. I feel more educated and savvy in terms of learning/researching before a purchase.
  13. I'm happy to hear how much people have learned here- no need for any of us to go completely broke!! :amuse:
  14. Well, I have shopped a lot more, b/c I have learned a lot, and there are just sooo many bags out there that I have to have. But I still am a smart shopper.
  15. Wow, what good folks we have here. I'm not an smart shopper, but an impulse buyer with a shopping addiction, and in the short time I've been here, tPF has been an enabler...LOL.