How has TPF encouraged the GROWTH of your H collection

  1. I've been thinking a lot about this forum this week. Since we moved from LA, I've been going through H-store withdrawal, and while I periodically hear from my SA, I've realized that I've come to depend on TPF to show me what's out there; it's almost like an alternative H site! Not only that, TPF helped me add two of the bags on my wishlist in the course of one week--I never thought that would happen in a million years! :yahoo:

    I don't think I'm the only one out here who's been inspired/helped/influenced by TPF so what I want to know is how have the members here contributed to the growth of your H-collection? Either by posting their yummy pix, or helping you find a bag, or just by contributing invaluable info.

    I'll start--TPF's members have helped me add to my collection:

    1 Poncho--after being blown away by LaVan's and her poncho modeling pic.
    1 Violette Chevre Bearn--again, after seeing LaVan's gorgeous one--didn't know it was available in Violette at the time!
    1 3H Bag charm--after seeing Bagg's and Wafaya's--didn't know this was out there!
    1 Ulysee mini notebook-after reading the threads on it
    1 Karo PM--after seeing 24's gorgeous pix and info on how compact it was.
    1 Vert Anis 35cm Birkin--after reading Chanchan's thread in the inventory section, getting excited after Crochetbella pressed her nose up against the H store glass in SF to confirm it was still there, getting a ton of support from the members when it disappeared, getting Chanchan's lovely PM letting me know it was back, and getting help and encouragement from the MASTER enabler Shopmom who I was fortunate enough to meet in person the day I went to go see my Vert Anis.
    1 Rouge VIF Chevre 35cm-after Japster did all that amazing legwork on researching re-sellers and finding out what they had in their inventory. I NEVER would have found out about this bag without her post.
    1 Scarf-my first H scarf--after seeing how lovely shopmom looked in hers when I met her, I decided to look for one in an orange colorway.

    And dear Fopduck for sending me pix of what her 32cm rigide holds as I waffle between getting a 35 or a 32 in a Kelly.:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    And don't even get me started on my wishlist which keeps changing after I see all these gorgeous pix....croc, box leather, a JPG, an HAC--these keep me up at night!:love:
  2. i have always thought of hermes in the past, but never bought one.. when i started going to this subforum, i got a plume 28 cm.. along the process, i learned about the reputable sellers of hermes items on ebay.. from then on, i searched and searched, asked frequently on the Authenticate this subforum.... then i got my vintage drag, then my Kelly 28, and most recently, my vespa trim.. oh yeah, i am into scarves now........ i am still looking for a bolide and regularly checking for a birkin...... if TPF did not help develop my new found attraction for hermes, I don't what did... especially because there is no Hermes store in the state of Washington and that the closest is in California (San Francisco to be exact)...
  3. I would never have been able to purchase my Kelly without this forum. Before I found tPF, I knew nothing about Hermes! I cannot believe so much knowledge rests in one place :flowers:
  4. By leaps and bounds!! It is through tPF that I got to know some really knowledgeable ladies, who helped educate me on the finer details of choosing a Birkin, for instance. i.e. it is not about just owning one, but owning one that is in the right colour-leather-hardware-size combination. It is the process that is most enriching.
  5. When I started off here, my whole Hermes collection consisted of scarves inherited from my mom and a few perfume samples. Now... oh boy!

    Picotin PM: After waffling for days and weeks on the board about what to buy and not daring to post, the lovely ladies here helped me find my heart's desire with the BJ Picotin.
    Agenda PM (with 3 loops): Aqua stole my heart away when I saw it and it matches my card case from another make
    Agenda GM (no loops): I just found it so useful and gorgeous that I had to have one... Of course, in Rouge Vif chevre, which became an obsession
    Scarves, twillies and gavroches: De passage a Paris, two ones on sales, two more waiting for me at the store... one more twilly (I'd had one before), two gavroches
    Bastia coin pouch: in aqua to match my little agenda but I should have taken the raisin one (too)... oh well, always more accessories to get ;) Very handy and so flat for how many coins it holds.
    Misc accessories: Hippo lock, Pegasus lock, bracelets, keychains, tribord rings, hairsticks...
  6. Before TPF, I just had some scarves and one or two pieces of leather jewelry.
    Now I have 1 black box Kelly 28 and am waiting for an Evelyne!
    Before TPF, I was Birkin-fixated. TPF made me appreciate the beauty and elegance of a Kelly and especially with the Evelyne, that never did much for me before, suddenly I couldn't see myself living without one.
    My Birkin-fixation has 'matured' into a passion for the HAC - I know that an HAC 32, like gina_b's or shopmom's is my dream bag.
    My next H boutique is 150 miles away in a different country! I have only been able to airport-shop at Hermes so far. So this forum is my 'private' showcase, it is here that I can see what's available.
    Oh yes, my scarf collection has also grown quite a bit!
  7. My mother let me use one of her 1950s-era clutches when I was a teenager in the late 70s. That was my first experience with Hermes.

    My first Hermes purchase was a scarf (Peonies, in pink) at a garage sale, circa 1979, for 50 cents. My second purchase was a scarf for $100 at Neiman Marcus in 1981 or so. I was still in college and put it on my credit card, paying for it over four months.

    As much as I admired Hermes goods, I never bought anything other than scarves for the next quarter century. I always thought they were out of my reach. Reading posts on the PurseForum gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to make good purchases of gently used bags. I've bought seven in the past six months or so. And one of these days, I'm quite sure I'll get around to buying a brand new bag. However, I think I'll always be a value shopper who's more interested in the gently used bags.

    But with any luck, I'll buy a brand new small leather good this week! I hope I'll be able to find what I want in stock.
  8. Actually, my collection was already built up by the time I came out of lurkdom on TPF. I was lurking for 2-3 months before actually posting. It has added to my knowledge base, though, and encouraged this. But, I've met so many wonderful ladies on this forum. You all know who you are!:flowers: Before this forum, I would go running to my friends whenever I bought a new bag, but I would be crestfallen because they couldn't feel my passion. Well, now, it's a different story.
  9. Well, let's see. When I joined the forum I had several scarves and pocket squares, one twilly, a GM agenda and a Bearn wallet. Now I have a Kelly, a Garden Party,a Dogon wallet, a GM Zip Agenda, a Ulysse notebook, more scarves, a Fourre Fout tote, two scarf rings and a really, really, really long wish list.
  10. This is a good thread. I joined this forum to learn 'how' to get a Birkin. I heard all these crazy stories of lists, and come here to learn that it is obtainable in no time. Since joining, like orchids, my collection has grown because of the wonderful pictures you ladies post......3 Birkins, 3 Kellys, 2 ostrich bearns, shoes, clothing, and not to mention DH now obsessed with their shoes and wallets... The pictures you all have posted has helped me decide my next few purchases...a Karo pm, an agenda, and the next color of bag. So, let me say a "Thank You" to all my enablers.......Love this forum.
  11. :love: Orchids So glad you are enjoying that GORGEOUS Rouge Vif!

    Thanks for Greentea and 24(Lucy)'s help with looking at various Rouge Birkins and help with cites issues, I learned sooooooooo much!!! Greentea was always so patient even though I'm sure my questions/PM's were annoying. LOL.

    And thanks to Shopmom/GrandFonds/Jag for their helpfull enabling. LOL.
  12. ^^So true. Other than my DH and perhaps one other girlfriend, I love coming here knowing that I can obsess over a new purchase and have ladies & gents who can understand the passion; it really makes it so much more exciting. You guys are the best. :flowers: