How has tPF affected you?

  1. I just recently became a member here. Before I had guilt over spending $500 on a bag. After seeing what people buy here, I easily justified spending $1000 on a bag yesterday. Have you found yourself changing your mentality about bags from being on this forum?
  2. I love that PFers get excited for each other when we find a bag we love. While your other friends might call you crazy for spending $whatever on a bag, no one here will do that :flowers:

  3. I've been collecting bags for a long time, but the PF has definitely made me a savvier shopper, in that I can see many more bags online here than I could ever see IRL in Washington, D.C., and then make my choices accordingly. (In other words, I'm not as gullible to snatching up whatever Neimans or Saks or some boutique here just happens to have in stock!)
  4. Outside of spending and finding out about other designers, I would say I love the PF because I feel like I can talk to friends whenever I would like, even if it is 3 AM on a Thursday.
    Also, they have helped me authenticate things before buying on Ebay!
  5. There was a long thread posted about this before. You might want to check it out.
  6. tPF is definitly helping me learn about purses, I am going to hook my wife up this Christmas! I am sure that I will be asking for advice around Nov.
    Thanks everyone
  7. Mh, besides that I spend to much time in front of the computer? :lol::lol::lol:
  8. Well, I find that I am more apt to ask other TPF members for their opinion because everyone here KNOWS their LV! I also find that I no longer choke when thinking about spending more than three hundred dollars for a bag, which is both good and bad. When I told my sister, who loves buying pre-owned Chanel but is thinking of coming to the dark side of LV, the true cost of my speedy, she freaked out. This is a woman who can DEFINITEY afford to spend that much on a bag, but she won't. I guess that's why the wealthy stay wealthy? Anyway, I often wonder if I am deluding myself when it comes to dropping so much cash on what is essentially just a purse.

    I tend to over-analyze, though, and need to stop.
  9. When I joined I learned that 2 of my ebay Balenciags were fake and before that I had no clue. They were almost 2 years old, the sellers had hundreds of positive feedback and one I bought on a website that another forum said sold legit bags and that would be :cursing:
    I have learned how to clean and condition certain bags and I love seeing the pictures on the ladies so I can judge how large or small the bag is.
    Have I spent more money and bought bags that I otherwise might not have? You betcha and loving every minute of it. :yahoo:
  10. The "mush" post:

    I've learned that not only is it "okay" to want a designer bag, but that it's also within my reach to get one. (I'm a university student!) I came on here thinking that designer bags were something reserved for celebrities and millionaires' wives, but here I see students and entry-level workers along with doctors and lawyers, people making 30K or 100K, making it their goal to build whole collections of these things.

    I used to think that people who buy expensive things must be entirely shallow, bratty, condescending and/or *****y, but lo and behold, this forum's got plenty of friendly and intelligent people, many of whom have worked hard or are working hard to get where they are.

    I'm thinking of applying to pharmacy school (and god forbid, medical school somewhere down the road), and this forum has plenty of people who are happy to answer my questions. It's encouraging. :smile:

    So -- tPF has taught me that having a value system that places Birkins high up on the list doesn't necessarily correlate with being an unpleasant person. :smile:

  11. Snorks, do you know what, I'm getting tired of people looking at me as if I'm insane if I want to spend money on a good bag. My husband bought me a beautiful Gucci last Christmas, ok, so it was 2 grand, but had it been a piece of jewellery, nobody would have batted an eyelid. They'll reason that jewellery will increase in value, blah, blah, but let's face it, how many end up flogging their pieces unless they really have to? So at the end of the day, they're only valuable to the ones who own them, just like the delicious handbags and hey, you can keep your jewellery in a bag, but you can't stuff your wallet and make-up bag through your hoops when you go out for an evening on the tiles, see MORE IMPORTANT!!
  12. Back to the subject, though, this forum has definitely made me more aware of different brands and how many people out there who also realize that a bag is not just a bag...
  13. Another awesome question...:smile:

    I luv sharing my feeling with everyone that shares in my luv of a great purse. Its really been a stress reliever and has been meaningful to read everyones opinions and thoughts.

    It can encourage you to build your collection even further....but I would of done so on my own anyway and it helped to be exposed to so much infos that got me the collection of my dreams. Even now as I am no longer able to further my collection...the ladies have been a great support system...:love:
    I really enjoy it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  14. I am now spending OBSENE amounts of money on handbags!!!!!!!!! This forum turned me out!!! My credit card bill this month was outta control and I blame THIS FORUM. Although I am lovin' every minute of it!

    it is also easy to justify spending so much on a bag when I am surrounded by enablers. I find myself saying well.... $1400 isn't THAT much! crazy.
  15. I love the fact that there are others like me out there who LOVE designer bags, and that can give good, educated advice about purchases... I don't feel like I need to be embarassed about liking Chanel, LV or whatever, when I do with a lot of others.

    I also love that I've gotten so much better at authenticating on my own!! Yay!