How has Coach changed YOUR boys?

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  1. does my little brother count for this? whenever i bring out a new bag he asks me so what's the name of that one. and then when i wear one ive had for a while he's like "oh look it's sabrina" lol....he's 12. =]

  2. Yea, your little brother counts.. Any man we can covert is good for us... He will grow up and treat his woman good....
  3. I'm so lucky to have a DH who is understanding of my obsession. He's as much a shopper as I am so he never minds hitting the outlets with me. If he's away on business and there's a Coach store nearby he usually brings me home a present, sometime two! And he's another one who hears me call my bags by name so much that he uses their names himself. In fact a girl in one of his classes was showing off her new bag and he said, "Oh, isn't that a Zoe? My wife has two of those." She was way impressed and so was I! lol
  4. You are all lucky to have such nice guy's that accept your Coach Love...I'm in it Alone, and thats ok...My Girl's tell me what they think, and they don't lie!!!!:P
  5. My boyfriend today said to me: I know Zoe! and I know Sabrina!

    and I groaned and said: you don't know any more? I talk about them non-stop..
  6. One time my SO went with his parents (who were visiting us) to the outlets at MB and he snuck me some spy pics of peyton (I was looking for a specific one) and a few other bags. He even asked SAs about them. It was too cute.
  7. DH bought me my first two Coach bags a few years ago for full price at boutiques. Then after that, a PCE arrived :smile: I haven't received one since.

    He can also spot a fake siggy just by looking at the sheen of the thread on the C's. He was able to spot fakes long before I could.

    I ask his opinion on each bag I buy, as a "second set of eyes". I don't always follow it :nuts: but I ask because he's got a good eye and can objectively see if a certain bag works on me or not.

    When he saw me pull the navy Tribeca out of her shopping bag last weekend, he instantly proclaimed his approval of her! He's a huge fan of navy blue, plus he likes the style of the Tribeca and how it fits with my personal style. None of the other *ahem* several bags I've brought home have elicited that kind of response.

    I even ask him to rank them: #1 fave, #2, #3 and so on. Currently my medium inlaid Brooke is his least fave of my new bags, and I'm thinking that one through. Usually he's pretty spot-on as to what I'll actually carry in the long run.
  8. My bf also does not like gold, so if something is bad it is proclaimed "gold" LOL whether or not it's actually gold toned...

    Unfortunately plum sabrina and green sabrina (both patent) have gotten the "gold" label. :cry: