How has Coach changed YOUR boys?

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  1. When I first started dating my SO, he wouldn't hold a bag for me unless absolutely necessary (the masculine thing, I guess) he does, though with great care. He knows if something happens to one of my "babies"....there will be :mad::censor::noggin: to pay.
  2. My DH now know so much about Coach bags that he can name almost all of them on site, he know MFF for FP, he know the new floorset from the old, he knows what Tattersall, Legacy Stripe & Houndstooth is. Yes he is a Coach expert, so much so that when he was in Vegas last month He shopped at the Outlet and the FP Store and both places offered him a job and they meant it..
  3. We don't live anywhere near an outlet so whenever we are going out-of-town and I mention an outlet mall being there, my sweet husband will excitedly say "Oh! Do they have a Coach store?!" It's so cute! He once surprised me with a last minute trip and drove me 4 hours one-way just so I could hit a new Coach outlet. It was a sales tax free weekend and the entire outlet mall was jam-packed... he hates shopping so this was definitely a grand gesture on his part!

    And it's funny my teenage son always notices new purchases... I guess he is his mother's son! LOL
  4. mine would only drive 4 hours because that would be at least 10 hours of not seeing me, he's so sweet :heart:
  5. - He'll hold bags for me while I'm shopping.
    - He'll give opinions on ones I consider.
    - He'll tell me which one he likes.
    - He's learned the names of some of the bags.
    - He's learned the names of all of the bags I own (minus ones he hasn't seen before or the ones I don't know the official name of).
    - He can usually recognize newer Coach bags.
    - He can spot some fakes.
    - He knows the color names (whiskey, walnut, vs the generic "uh, brown"). If he doesn't know the exact name, he says things like chocolate cake, mom's car green...etc lol.
    - He's starting to be able to tell the difference between MFF and FP.

    - He joined tPF. :roflmfao:
  6. :lolots: That's awesome!
  7. Mine asked the kids what are all the COUCH bags> Pronounced like the piece of furniture.
  8. Too Funny Liz!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  9. Great that he joined TPF!!!! Now he can get all the inside scoop on Coach!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:

  10. Awwww! Well, the sentiment is the important part, right? :amuse:

    Plus, I feel I should clarify that his drawings aren't particularly great... I'd put him at a 4th grade level. It's just because he's been giving me these cards for years that I've learned to interpret the details. ;)
  11. My DH teases me about my obsession. He is a good guy , fine with me buying with PCE and at outlets. But warns me about ebay stuff and hates it if I buy used stuff. My little boy knows all the names of coach stuff. When I am looking for my bag he says things like" Mom, Sabrina is here.. Julianne is waiting for you" Its cute.
  12. It's cute when he uses tPF/Coachie terminology. :biggrin:
  13. My FH loathes girls who have lots of purses he says. LOL. I am apparently limited to 3 (haha yeah right) so we'll see. He put up with me at the outlet today when I spent like 2 hours deciding what I want, so I'd say I have it pretty good!

    He also picked out the bag his mom bought me for Christmas so I know he has a good eye. He's just not very helpful when I'm trying to decide what to get!
  14. my hubby is the same, he encourages me to buy whatever i want, and when he goes to the store w/o me he looks to see what our px has. hes amazing :smile:
  15. My boyfriend is adorable...he'll sneak camera phone picture and ask me if they're real! I don't think he'd purchase me a bag though =/