How has Coach changed YOUR boys?

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  1. Valentines Day IS coming up, so I gave my man a list of features to look out for when buying Coach. He doesn't understand my obsession and is happy enough to shop for all his clothes at Walmart (one of us has to be thrifty, eh?)

    But at work the other day, he said a woman came in with a bag that "had a whole bunch of C's on it" and he said he felt like a fool because he was trying to look INSIDE to see if the lining had C's on it as well - too funny!! (He also notices how many girls wear the NorthFace and Uggs combo... really funny because when he sees their jacket, he looks at their boots - they usually think he's checking them out LOL!!!)

    But what about you guys? How has Coach changed your men?
  2. My husband understands my love of Coach. He'll actually suggest an outlet run, or cruise eBay for me...he'll keep an eye out for PCE's...and is always willing to let me show him my latest "needs"...He never says "no" and actually built me a closet organizer--giving up half his closet space, might I add--for my purses!!

    It's a real treat, you know. He's a great guy outside of encouraging my interests...but it's SOOO nice to not have to "hide" my purchases, or get static over them. He's a real gem!
  3. I am single but Coach has changed my 18 year old son. When he sees a new bag....he is like oh that is new. Them asks for a new pair of shoes. LOL
  4. I've heard him utter "foach" and I just LMAO... such a nerd.
  5. Mine is awesome. He know its crazy, but it's my form of "stress-reliever" or a "pick-me-up". When I'm feeling down or something, he'll offer to take me to the outlets. He's gone shopping with me to get shelf to organize my purse. If you guys read an early post of mine - yup, he's the one that spent money on a coach GIFT BOX.
  6. I think it's given him gray hair...
  7. Mine is curious about all the names for them, and when we go to the outlet, he tries to pick out stuff I would like and then ask what that bag is called. He even remembers the names. He's adorable!!
  8. My DH just gave me a birthday card (it's a tradition between us that he actually makes the cards he gives me)... and he drew a picture of me with two coach bags, and I'm saying "Which one should I wear for my birthday." I think he tried to draw a Claire and my soho satchel. It completely melted me!

    I think he accepts my obsession as one of my quirks, and he seems to think it's surprising (and funnY) when I point out specific bags to him in public and tell him the style information and whether it's a rare/unusual bag (as if I'm spotting exotic birds in the wild).
  9. I'd be amazed if mine could draw something that resembled handbags... he can't even spell very well, I get "I love you alway" :smile:
  10. ^^ that's adorable, bunny!
  11. LOL So cute!
  12. My husband is a great guy but he doesn't understand my pre-occupation with purses at all and he hates to shop - unless it's for a new car or TV or something like that! So I was amazed that for my Christmas gift he drove to the outlet mall - during the madness of the pre-holiday sales and the 20% off coupons. He waited outside the Coach outlet just to get into the store and then put up with the loooong check-out line in the packed store in order to buy a generous Coach gift card for me - which I happily spent before New Year's! Of course, on his way out he stopped at the Sony outlet next door to Coach and bought a new DVR for himself, but that's okay because we both got what we wanted!
  13. uhhh...
    "Are you done?! :rant: This the last bag. No :nono:more coach bags after this. Don't ask me how I like it. Enough already:mad:." Ok, granted, this is after a Fuchsia peyton, Inlaid c lg. Brooke, and metallic textured leather:drool: large Audrey were purchased with the intent to keep one (couldn't decide, didn't expect to get so lucky at the outlets with these...then there was the melon inlaid peyton...and the... I can hardly blame him :shucks:

    ...pretty sure.:crybaby:
  14. He is AMAZING! He bought me a Glam tote as a present recently and checked every tote in the store to see which had the best lining colour! He knows most of the current FP store bags by name and is starting to know them by colour too. He is also great at picking out which suits me and would look good.

    He is a complete and total enabler, and I love it! He knows how good the bags make me feel, and I think that's why he is so amazing with it.
  15. he calls my beauties by name :love: but he did look at me like i was crazy when i asked him to please make PART of my birthday include a trip to the niagara falls outlet. he would rather i save for bags and sees accessory buying as an irrelevant purchase. "what's a mini skinny? THAT'S SO SMALL, YOU DON'T NEED THAT." for our 6th year anniversary last year, he asked for a ps3. what do you ask for that equals that? - a coach bag! (he wouldn't have let me get it for him if his present for me didn't equal the price of his :P)

    do any of your boys CARRY your bag for you? i'll be holding our son so i'll ask him to hold my bag and he'll be all nervous, holding it away from his body, because he's scared he'll ruin it!