How hard to get/rare are Pomme d'amour items to find? (ie. beford)

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  1. hi everyone! i had bought my mom a pomme bedford last weekend for mother's day (somewhat selfish since it prolly suits me more than her) but she wnats to return it for another bag. The SA told me thats the only one they received (i was at a small counter not the main Store in Toronto) and that they're really rare.

    So my question hard are pomme bags to find? I really like the bedford but if my mom returns it..i want to save up to buy one later on in the year.

  2. it stops being produced next month (6 month run) unless its extended because it has been really popular. my store didnt have much pomme 2 weeks ago.
  3. hmm so you think my odds of finding it in a few months would be good? i dont want my mom to exchange it :crybaby:!!
  4. i am sure you can still find shortly after production stopped. It just mean will not produce any more of pomme, the remain stock is put to sell til gone. Perle and Framboise has been discountinued as well, but you can still find pretty much the entire stock in store except V-Day collection.
  5. Perhaps you can call the 1-866 number and they can tell you how many are left in Canada?
  6. Will all Pomme stop being produced next month?>
  7. I'm sure you can still find most of the pomme items