How hard it is to get a Chanel Square Mini in store?

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  1. Dear all,

    I recently found a 90% new caviar Chevron Square Mini in silver on eBay for about the same current retail price (which is $3200 in the US I believe). I also talked to my SA at Neiman, she said she hasn't seen a square mini in store for a long time. I also saw some bloggers said they had to buy 2nd hand from eBay as well. So I assume it is really hard to get one from the store.
    However after searching in social media, I saw some people got that bag from other places around the world recently. So I am wondering how hard it is actually to find one in store? Should I get this bag or wait until I travel to Europe and try find one in store? It would be appreciated if you're from other countries and give some information. Thank you!
  2. They don't have caviar minis this season. I had a hard time finding a square in a NY store. My SA at the flagship told me they don't usually carry them in the US stores. I did eventually find a pink one at BG. I bought my navy caviar square from Dublin.
  3. I have two square minis that were sourced from Hong Kong and Germany by personal shoppers. I don’t think the US gets many square minis.
  4. I just picked up my lamb square mini here in Cannes while on vacation. They had three available. I probably would have never been able to get one if I was in the states, as I am always on a waiting list.
    I picked up one with antique gold hardware, but they also have silver. And as Tykhe stated, there are only lambskin minis for this season.
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  5. In the US, it’s like winning the lottery, very hard to score. I find that it’s easier in certain European cities (non touristy ones). The demand for minis mostly comes from tourists (Asian & Americans) not locals. Hence, if you end up at a Chanel boutique where there aren’t hoards of tourists (Paris, Rome, etc) you’ll have better luck. I’m in Germany and I just saw the same 6 minis available that I saw last week. Even the Tiffany blue from the cruise collection! Never seen that many available before but my SA thinks it might be because the vintage hardware this season isn’t as popular
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  6. I agree. I saw this one also in Germany. I think if you open for color, catching a mini is no problem (at least here in Germany)
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  7. You may be harder to get a Black classic square mini by just walking into a store. (but I always notice chevron, or seasonal colour square minis in the store on display)
    I usually call the Chanel customer service number, and they will check their stocks according to my specifications. Overall, I didn't find it too hard to find.
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  8. Oh beige square mini! Was this in Hamburg?
  9. Hey, this was in Frankfurt
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  10. Ah okay. Dankeschön
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