How hard is it to look for your HG?

  1. It took me about a month or two to find my HG bag after deciding that I wanted one.:shame: But now I'm dying to have Turq 05 and Magenta 05 accessories and the wait is killing me!:s I know there's only a small, small, SMALL chance that I would ever get both of them..and knowing this really drives me crazy!

    How long have you waited for your HG to pop up? Do you just sit and wait or do you go for other bags while you're still looking for your HG?
  2. just keep checking the bay and with real deal and ann's fabulous finds. I know I never thought I would get my RT day and one day it just popped up on e**y. Since then I have seen a number of hard to find and very desirable 05 colors and styles pop up.
    Good luck
  3. I'm dyin' here...
  4. I no longer buy on the "bay" so I'm usually checking AFF or RDC. One of my HG's popped up on RDC about 2 weeks ago and I was out all day and didn't even know that it was on the website. I checked during the evening and it was already sold! Waaaaiiilllll!!!! :sad::crybaby: Hopefully, Corey will have another one, otherwise it's going to be a loooong time before it ever shows up again, if at all.:cry:
  5. I have been waiting and searching for a Vert D'eau GGH part time forever but have not given up hope yet. I have bought a few bags while waiting for my HG to come along but then I feel kinda guilty and think I should have waited, but who knows when my Vert will come along.
    Hang in there, I have seen some gorgeous colors come up on the bay, Anns, and RDC so hang in there and hopefully your hg will be along soon.
  6. I've been watching those sites as well...hoping that my HG would suddenly pop up..just for me!:girlsigh:

    I keep imagining myself maybe 50 years from now and still searching the net for my HGs..better late than never!:lol:
  7. The hardest part is avoiding buying all those other fabulous bags you encounter while searching for your HG. I have been in the very bad position of not having funds when an HG showed up and missed it - more than once. But I have a HG coming my way soon thanks to a very lovely and accomodating seller. Whoo-hoo!
  8. ITA!!! I'm on a ban after buying my HG (RT day :yahoo:), until my next and final HG comes along (05 black work). But during the wait, it is sooo difficult not to be tempted by other bags (like that gorgeous 04 first on eBay right now. argh!!) But I must have self's hard sometimes!! and then during the wait, I find my HG changes too! grrr, all those lovely bal colors has made me such a fickle girl! :nogood:
  9. Oh, don't worry dear, keep your eyes open, they do pop up every now and then! Even the rarest of them! I know what your HG is, if I see one I'll let you know! I was waiting for a long time for mine and I know how it when it slips through your hands!
  10. i check the bay, various websites, and the marketplace like mad!

    in search of a fabulously well maintained anthracite city
  11. Oh good god!!! ITA!!!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop: It is happening to dear old me right at this moment!!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: Just shoot me with a gun why don't you?!?:crybaby::banned:
  12. I think this may have have been posted in the shopping section before, but if you email AFF they will add you to their "Balenciaga Wishlist" and email you before each new Bal item that they receive is posted on their website. Also, you can email Corey at RDC with the bag(s) that you are looking for and she will notify you if she gets bag in that you are looking for.
  13. How long have you waited for your HG to pop up? Do you just sit and wait or do you go for other bags while you're still looking for your HG?

    WOW - it only took you a few months to find your HG... you're so lucky! It too me ages to find my HG - TURQ 05 FIRST... I actually bought 2 of them in the end, and only have one now! It was like the LONGEST painful time ever just waiting for one to appear! I still bought b-bags while I waiting for Turq aka Dreamy to pop up... But I must say, I'm never going to put myself through that again - day in day out... thinking and dreaming about Turq First... I think i went abit insane! hehehe!
  14. ^^^ mmmmm. a turq first. a really hope the 08 compares or I'm going to have to wait a long time for an 05 to pop up!
  15. It took me a while to decide what even was my HG hehe. I found two of them relatively quickly, and they both popped up (one on RDC and the other on *bay) within a month of each other. I'm still looking for my RT City, I found one but didn't get it because the girls on here verified that the leather does look really thin and veiny.

    On *bay right now there is a GORG Rose twiggy, I would love it but I don't think I want to pay that much over retail...maybe I'll cave later on...:sweatdrop: