How hard is it to get a jumbo classic caviar flap in Pink or Coral

  1. Hi ladies So I'm finishing up Dental School and decided to reward myself with a bag but I have a general question, It might be an off season for these colors but I'm looking for a classic flap jumbo in pink or coral caviar leather with GolD hardwear, I'm not in a rush but I would like it before december. Would they be able to locate one for me no problems or should I start looking now? Thanks for any input!
  2. Hi there. :smile: Ohh, congrats!! Hmm, well unfortunately, these colors aren’t available in boutiques or dept. stores in the Jumbo size. You can track down a medium/large in pink (I plan to get one soon!), and the coral one would be difficult to find (it was released last spring), but a persistent SA might be able to locate one for you (IMO, NM is your best bet… I bought my medium coral flap there last year, and recently saw another medium)! :smile:

    The good news is that spring 2008 has tons of color coming out!! :heart: There will be classic flaps in pink, light pink, salmon, yellow, navy (which is likely a bright blue), and dark white (I’m assuming Jumbo’s will be available in some, if not all, of the colors)! Unfortunately, these won’t be in until at least March, but if you can wait until then, it’s worth it! :smile:
  3. Fiery, where are you getting your pink bag? NM? Thanks from a fellow color lover. BTW, you are the one who inspired me to get the coral!:p
  4. Thanks alot for the info... I might call and ask around but maybe its a good idea to wait and get exactly what I want in the spring . I'm just Sooo excited it'll be hard to wait that long, the colors are also amaing!! and they'll prob. be gone before they're out on the shelves! hmmm tough choice! Thanks though
  5. Hi there! :smile: Aww, I’m so flattered! :heart: Are you loving the coral? :nuts: Haha, yes, I’m insatiable when it comes to colored flaps (and flaps in general)!! I have a bleu fonce caviar Jumbo on its way too! I actually have the pink Medallion tote, but I’m 99% certain that I’m going to sell her, and get the pink caviar medium flap w/ silver hardware from NM instead. :smile: I already have the dark pink ’05 medium flap, but I can’t resist a pretty flap (plus, I want to get the pink flap before Nov. 1st)!! I love the Medallion tote, but surprisingly, I’m not sure that I love it in the pink… whereas I know that I love the flap haha! :p

    If the spring 2008 colors are any indication, then I need to save big, because there are at least four bags I want (purple 226 reissue, yellow flap – maybe an E/W, navy flap – assuming it’s the bright blue I’ve seen pics of, salmon if it isn’t too similar to the coral, maybe the dark green reissue… ahh)!

  6. I’m glad I could help! :heart: I know the wait will be soo long… but certainly worth it in the end, if you get the flap you’ve been dying for!! :smile: