how hard is it to get a baby cabas?

  1. I called the 800 number (for the first time) and they said they may only have blue, black, and white. What do they actually do, do they even try to locate what boutiques/nm/etc. have them or what? I want a khaki one so my name is on a list but the lady couldn't tell me when it would be available. Like even if they do have any do you purchase it through them and they send it to you. I'm new to this, especially Chanel (seems more limited), usually for LV's I just go down to the boutique. :confused1: Sorry for the ignorance :rolleyes: thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. I don't know much about the Chanel 800 number. But I think they just do a search and if it's in any of the Chanel boutiques (not department stores like Saks or NM) they take your name and number and just have the boutiques call you. I don't think they will give you the name of the boutique, even if you ask. And I'm not sure if you can directly order from the 800 number. I never have, but maybe someone else can clarify. :flowers:

    And I LOVE the baby Cabas, but I'm on a purse ban right now. :sad: I hope there will be some black ones left by the time the ban is lifted!
  3. Ok nevermind the 800 number. I just didn't want to deal with the SA's here, I thought if I could just do a phone transaction or something that's why :rolleyes: . But anyway stupid me should've just done it in the first place. I put my name on the waitlist at Ala Moana they have the black and white open but limited on the blue, gold, silver, and bronze (khaki). I put my name on the bronze first then the black. I called the other one in Waikiki and the guy said they only have the black and white list open also and the blue and bronze were full. Both said they were going to get shipment in the next couple of weeks. It's going to be $1845. I have bad experiences with waitlists especially with LV so I don't even bother with limited things or try to get it right away but I love the baby cabas!! I don't want to get excited cuz Idk if they're actually gonna let me know :crybaby: