How hard is it to find a white jumbo with the new chain?

  1. hi girls!
    i have been looking for a flap bag with the new chain for a while now. Since red is COMPLETELY sold out, i was thinking maybe i should get a white one instead in the jumbo? but i was wondering how hard is it to find one. They are not sold out are they? also which one would be a better fit a jumbo or a med/large?? i am 5'3'' and 115 Lbs
    thank you in advance!
  2. I'm looking for the same bag. I was told by a boutique SA that it was part of the saping/summer collection and is sold out at all boutiques. Does anyone know more about this or if NM/Saks/BG (or anywhere) still has one in stock? I'm interested in any flap with the new silver chain.
    Thanks in advance.
  3. Which white flap? I bought a perforated white classic flap in jumbo last week at NM and returned a distressed calfskin white 227. The perforated was a bright white with silver H/W.

    good luck!
  4. Thanks regina!!
    i am actually looking for a caviar one with the new chain well basically anything with the new chain besides black .. i'm guessing they are all gone? hmm why am i ALWAYS! so slow!!
  5. if i remember correctly, NM Dallas downtown had one.
  6. My friend returned one last week to NM Beverly Hills. It is the jumbo "courtney cox" style in white.
    Maybe they still have it...good luck!
  7. I walked into NM last week and they had one. I had the SA hold it and got it today. I would check and have an SA search. Mine is Marilyn (703)761-1600 ext 3245.. Just tell her Mary who just bought the GST and the off white jumbo wnew chain recommended you call.
  8. ^ marilyn is wonderful. she said she might be able to locate the off white one too when i spoke with her this morning.

    have bought Chanel bags from her and she is wonderful to work with.