How hard is it to find a Raisin Paige?

  1. I missed out on bidding for a Raisin Paige on the bay a couple of weeks ago and now I'm obsessed. I looked through the completed auctions and couldn't find another in that color - so my question for you tpf'ers is...

    How often do Raisin Paiges come up on eBay/bonanzle/ecrater?
  2. Once in a blue Moon. Maybe I've seen 2 or so in the past year.
  3. That is NOT good news!

    Thanks Lexie
  4. That was a gorgeous Raisin on eBay, even though the seller mentioned some wear on the straps. The huge photos she provided showed a gorgeous bag. Sorry you lost out on that one.
  5. I lost it in the last seconds! I was so frustrated! Whaaaaaaa! I need a Raisin Paige!
  6. Listed today 8/4/09
  7. Man, too bad it's so trashed. I've had a couple of raisin bags and I have never seen one so discolored. I've not known this leather to discolor so I am wondering if those wild variations aren't becaused of someone trying to clean the bag in certain areas. Those dark areas are strange.
  8. Whaaah, I want one! This has become my holy grail - and it is so frustrating. I WISH I had won that last one. If anyone sees one anywhere - please let me know.