how hard is it to come by the key pouch?

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  1. Hi all,
    I've been wanting a monogram key pouch (never had one before!) and they haven't had it online for a bit now. I chatted with an advisor online yesterday and they said the NY store had one and I'd receive a call back but I didn't so I called this morning and they said it's not available online or in stores. So wondering if anyone has scored one recently? :smile: if so, how?

    Thanks for any input!
  2. They are easy to get. Just visit your local store.
  3. I saw the DE one available online a few days ago. It's just hit and miss with the website. And you will get a different story from everyone you talk to also. I would keep trying online or visit a boutique also.
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  4. Around two weeks ago it kept showing up on their website (US website). I was able to get one and it kept showing “add to bag” (instead of call for availability) for a few days more after that but you can only add one at a time. If you try to buy two, it says out of stock. This week however it hasn’t been available at all.
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  5. The key pouches seem to be available online around mid-week in Europe. I've been watching the DE and DG versions, ended up missing out on the DG two weeks ago and finally managed to order one yesterday and it has just left the Paris area location so I'll have it tomorrow. Just keep checking the website and you'll manage to snag one eventually.
  6. I just ordered the mono one online on Tuesday. It does pop up every now and again.
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  7. I'm from the UK and am also after a key pouch in mono. Because of this thread I decided to check the UK website and see if it's available... and I can't seem to find it at all!!! Has this been discontinued???
  8. I'm in another EU country and all key pouches are on the LV site, however they are not available to add to bag right now.
  9. Same - picked up a mono pouch a few weeks ago at bloomingdales. Used my bloomingdales bucks !
  10. Come visit the store and inquire about them. High chance they stocked inside the drawers. :smile:
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  11. They are still on the website, but out of stock at the moment in UK - they are quite easy to come by in local stores though :smile: (link:
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  12. they are really popular. nearly always sold out. def hard to get since some years.
    you have a better Chance to get one online than at the store.
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    The monogram 6 key holder is available online right now for $250. Just got one and love it. Keys aren't dangling outside like with the key pouch (unless you want them to) and key fob fits fine. And you can fit 2-3 credit cards in the pouch behind keys.
  14. I just bought an Damier ebene key pouch from one of the boutiques in Honolulu 2 days ago while on vacation. This location (al Moa mall or something) didn’t have the monogram but one of the other stores on the island did. Hope that helps!

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