How hard/easy is it to get in & out of..

  1. the medium classic flap? :confused1: Would this be a good summer day/night bag?
  2. I don't think it's so difficult to get in and out of the flap... but I don't button the flap, I keep it open and then just turn the lock. I think it would be a gorgeous summer/day night bag, but keep in mind that you can't carry a ton (which is probably okay for night, but depending on your needs, may not be for day)! HTH :smile:

  3. Thanks!! I plan on carrying this bag for when we go out during a hot summer day/night.. I do carry a ton when I go to work but when I'm out and about, I dont like carrying a lot of stuff so the size, I'm sure is going to be ok! I love the classic flaps! They are such a classic beauty!
  4. I just bought one and if you don't button the inner flap it's pretty easy access but getting into my reissue is easier because the mademoiselle lok seems to be a bit easier.