How green is TOO green?? Vert Gazon?

  1. I am desperately torn!! So torn in fact, that work today has taken a backseat to everything Balenciaga. I have zero doubt that I will be harshly reprimanded for my lack of productivity, HOWEVER, this is much more important...

    With that the vert gazon city bag just toooo green? I was at Neimans the other day and they have one and I walked around the whole store with it looking at myself in every single mirror under every single light fixture and still I could not make up my mind.

  2. I think it could take the place of a white bag. think bermuda shorts - cruise type thing with white sandals, etc.

    LOL at walking around to look in every single mirror
  3. Have any of the other Balenciaga greens from the past appealed to you more? Just trying to get a feel for what you like.

    It is very GREEN. You will have to make the commitment to going green if you get it. ;)
  4. I have the Vert Gazon. It is an amazing color. It is very strange but it really is a great green that goes with EVERYTHING. I don't feel like it is bright but more of a BOLD green.
  5. Is there such a thing? Lol, sorry - green is my favourite colour so naturally I'm biased, but I think the vert gazon is delish!
  6. If you had to walk around to look in every mirror and you were unable to make up your mind, then I hate to say it, but the bag is probably not for you. At this price point, my personal opinion is you must LOVE the bag's style *and* color....deeply and without reservation. :smile:

    It is a very, VERY bold and true green. Like a kelly green. I tend to think of this color as a true collector's bag, and the owner is probably someone who already has B-bags in many different shades and colors. Given the boldness of the color, it might be harder to match with clothing. It looks awesome with black, white, and navy. What are the predominant colors in your closet? If you're mostly a neutrals girl, it could probably work.
  7. Hello.. I'm new and just saw this bag on katie holmes and I'm DESPERATELY trying to find it.. can someone point me in the right direction?

  8. I am a total prep - I :heart: Jcrew and I just got the PT in this. I was going to decide between this and aqua, but I can't stop looking at this bag.

    I wear bright clothes, and like bright things. I would wear this with jeans and a white tee for sure. I also have a lot of navy and pink in my wardrobe and plan on wearing with that too. :yes:
  9. I believe BalNY has it - it's the day hobo with Giant Hardware that Katie has. $1295. Call 212-206-0872
  10. I looked like an insane person at the store- in fact I think the SA thought I was gonna steal it bc she kept me giving me the look of "don't touch it, you can't afford it" which amplified my angst since it almost taunted me into buying it just to prove to her I could!

    But I digress....I can't stop thinking about it...does that mean go for it? I love green for this season (green, purple and yellow are my spring colors I have decided) but I want to make sure no one looks at me with the Vert Gazon and is like "woah that's green " in a blinding sort of way as opposed to like "woah that's green" I wish i had one too sort of way...decisions decisions....still don't know what to do....

  11. You sound way too much like me! I Love J.crew also. When I was reading your comment I felt like you were describing me!
  12. LOL, I think there are a lot of us around!
  13. think about it though, how many of us are going gah gah over the color after seeing the picture of Katie with it? I think that's the kind of reaction you'll get with it. Green with envy! (no pun intended) :roflmfao:
  14. Hi there! I have a vert gazon coin purse and an aquamarine part time. Honestly - the vert gazon will turn out to be more versatile as green makes a better neutral than teal. The only reason I don't have a whole bag in vert gazon is because I look terrible in that shade of green. I think apple green is too bright. Vert Gazon is just right.
  15. I´ve seen this color about 10 ago. Sure I´ve seen some pics here, but when I saw it IRL I was just like :drool:
    Now I´m thinking to get myself a first too. I´m somehow in the same situation like you, because sometimes I think its too bright.
    I think it´s a beautiful color, you can wear it with very much. So I´m for yes, if you are really in love, get it.