How great to celebrate your birthday in the vet.

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  1. hi guys right now im crying my eyes out. im sooo sad. Today is Tamaki's birthday She is my little halloween treat. Well lately she's been throwing up alot, but we didnt do much about it. She usually throws up when she doesnt eat. Well this past 3 days its been awful. Throwing up more than usual and pooping inside the house she never does that. And she tends to do all this at 1am-4am. well today my husband woke up at 5 am and she had pooped blood. Now im freaking out . Today his taking her to the vet. But we're scared because the last time we took a dog to the vet she died. so im so scared guys... i dont know what to think. Please i need words of advise and hope . If i lose Maki i will be devasted. Thank you guys. and God Bless.
  2. Oh no I am so very sorry. I will be saying lots of prayers for your Tamaki today, please keep us posted!
  3. Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. Right now my husband is in the vet. SHe weighs 55lb. since he didnt have an apt. he needs to wait . so i will keep u posted im . S$iting bricks here. ( sorry for that expression)
  5. oh YAY!!! shes fine. Well she has a stomache infecction and the doctor said she has a weak stomach but wil be fine. YAy thanks guys for all the nice words
  6. So glad to hear she is okay - reading your earlier posts I was going to post to say that pooping blood with dogs is usually just a sign that they have had "runny bum" for a while and doesn't therefore in and of itself signal that anything is wrong beyond a simple tummy upset... I know that the first time one of our dogs pooped blood I freaked out completely, but have since learned that unlike it humans it isn't something particularly frightening.
  7. Awww I'm glad she's ok!!!! Poor baby, I hope she's feeling better now, she's a cutie! :flowers:
  8. I was so sad when I first read your post!! It's great to hear that its something that your pup can recover from! Speedy recovery and lots of licks from Katie!

  9. Glad to see she'll be fine!
  10. YAY! So glad to hear it is a minor problem and she will be home with you to let you know when the trick or treaters come to the door. Such a sweet looking pup.
  11. I am so glad to hear she's okay!! I hope she is feeling better and will have a quick and easy recovery! Give her a hug for me!:flowers:
  12. Glad she's fine ^_^!
  13. what a scare! glad to hear she's going to be fine! yay~
  14. I am happy for you and Maki too! Glad she's okay as I was scared when hearing about the bloody poop.
  15. awww thanks guys . As soon as i get home i will cuddle her and give lots lots of besitos ( kisses) and you guys are the best