How great that I've never actually introduced myself on

  1. Hi everyone =)

    It's weird how I chat with many here but I never actually introduced myself or have anyone else introduced themselves to me.

    So let me start..

    My name is Carly. I'm 19 years old. I live in toronto, Ontario and I'm currently attending university!

    I discovered tokidoki while I was at my bf's residence because one of his room mates had an inferno BV/MM, i can't remember, but that explains why i have this thing for inferno LOL

    i got my first toki last fall when pirata came out. i bought a pirata BV...which is why i like BV a lot and it's like my every day bag.

    then I just got obsessed over tokis for the rest of the year...since my mom went to hk, i went crazy purchasing one toki per month =) hahaha!!! :yes:

  2. Hi, Carly!! I'm Clare :biggrin: Welcome to the forum!!
  3. Hi Carly, I'm Christine. I've been collecting Tokidoki since the 1st season collection came out last year. Welcome!!!
  4. Welcome to the forum! My name is Cheryl =)
  5. Hi Carly,

    I'm Quynh! I've been collecting since July (2 months). I found tPF doing my toki research!! I'm in my 30's...ok almost 35. I can't lie. The girls are super friendly here! Welcome!!
  6. I'm Aissa and I've a weird pain in my side. I'd diagnose myself, but I'm unfamiliar with my own anatomy.

    I lay awake at night thinking about my tokidoki stock. This keeps me up and unhealthy.

    Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and bags. b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bags.
  7. Hi Carly! I'm Amber and I :heart: the inferno prints too! Nice to meet you - esp since you helped me find a store that still had inferno zuccas. Welcome to the toki obsession :p
  8. you were one of the first to order your zucca and cucciolo!! i remember you, i went to take a picture of the zucca catarina saved for u at the time =) nice to meet you!

    and thanks to every one else who introduced yourselves, nice to meet you all!!
  9. Hi Carly!!!

    I never introduced myself either, but I am Joy and I am a recent Toki addict. I am also a stay at home mom for my sweet Gabe, who is 9 months old and I teach college classes part-time. :p

    I love this forum! :tup:
  10. Hi Carly! I'm Denise. WELCOME to the forum! And THANK YOU for helping everyone here with their Inferno obsession!:tup:
  11. Hi, my name is Jenn and I'm a tokiholic...

    I've been seriously collecting since roughly end of february and beginning of march :smile: I'm 20 and I go to a university also so I really should be saving buuuuut tokidoki has put a kink in that plan :lol: my last purchase was yesterday and I will have another purchase tomorrow most likely.
  12. Hi Carly! And everyone else! My name is robyn. I usually type it lowercase because I don't like the way R looks capitalized. I've been to Canada twice, but not Toronto at all. I first got a toki bag because I found it randomly when the first print was on ..And I now have more toki t-shirts than anything else. :true:
  13. Hi Carley! I'm Ginger, I live in Los Angeles. I started collecting Toki hardcore in July. Welcome to the forum!!!
  14. hey Carly! I'm Gwenny ^^ I started collecting tokis about 3 months ago too!
  15. tehlilone - wowwww it's good that im still sane about tokidoki LOL, i can't spend TOO much on it >< but i do work part time and earn extra money so i could afford what i like most of the time! nice to meet you!

    gabes_mommy - wow!!! so you're a prof + a mom!! i have a sister whose turning 2 in november! =) nice to meet you!

    tachikomatic - awww too bad you've never been to toronto!! u should come here when u get the chance to! we have lots of cool stuff here and lots of nice stores! =) unfortunately, only tokis in retail tho ><

    gingiemay & lanhong - wowww!! where do u get all those styles in older prints? is it only eBay that occasionally have them popping up?