How Gracie Has Grown!

  1. It's hard to believe how far she's come from this (her Animal Control "mug shot").

    Right after we brought her home.

    Just this week.

    She's so PURTY! :tender:
  2. Gracie is soooo beautiful!
  3. aww Gracie is all grown up and gorgeous now! she's lucky to have such a wonderful home :heart:
  4. She is lovely! What a lucky girl!
  5. She is PURTY! And Y does she seem to be more confident and self assured now??? lol
  6. What a beautiful girl! They grow up too fast.....
  7. She is gorgeous - what a lucky lady to have such a great home.
  8. she looks so happy! she's got a great mommy!
  9. She's a real sweetie. Katherine is right, she has a great Mommy.
  10. Gracie won the jackpot, being adopted into your family! She is so darn cute!
  11. What an absolute sweetie! She looks so happy!
  12. Aww, what a sweetie. You can definitely see it in her eyes, she is happy now!
  13. Lucky you and lucky her! How much do you think she weighs? She is so pretty and healthy!
  14. ^^^The last time she was at the vet (July, I think), she was around 30 pounds or so. Perfect sized dog for me. :tender:

    Thanks everyone. Gracie is such a sweetie. I've never had a dog that purely and simply lived to love her people. She's so affectionate! :heart:
  15. Aww Gracie looks so beautiful!