How gorgeous is this bag?

  1. I don't know much about Chloe (yet)...but I just found this bag on a site I visit often and all I can say is - WOW! Especially when I made the picture larger and looked closely at the details.

    What a fantastic fun bag....

  2. If you really want to get your socks knocked off go to the Chloe webpage and look at those bracelet bags i.e. collection and then accessories. Those intricate purses smack.:kiss:
  3. Ann always has the best bags on her site!
  4. welcome over to Chloe, Shamrock :biggrin:

    yes, there are loads of adorable, heavily adorned chloe bracelet bags out there to sigh at!!
  5. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to pass on this beauty. I went a little overboard last month for my birthday! :rolleyes: I'm seriously considering a Cabas Piano and there's always the bugundy Burberry Manor that I've been :drool: over.

    But..I can tell you this - Chloe is DEFINITELY on my radar now. I mean, of course I was aware of Paddy (which is super cute and I love them) - but I just didn't know how gorgeous the others could be.

    This site + Ann's Fabulous Site = DANGER!!! :roflmfao: