How gorgeous is this? '05 Weekender! (pics)

  1. I am a recent Bbag convert. I just got my first, an '07 Aquamarine City in March or April. I kept reading about the '05 season leathers, but it just never appealed to me. Why by a used Bbag? Especially one 2 years old? That was my thinking at the time.

    Then I decided that a used Bbag would be excellent for a briefcase/work bag (I am a lawyer and slog to court a lot). I found this '05 Chocolate Weekender and! I love it!

    The leather is to die for and it just literally puddles. I am constantly touching it.

    Some pics!!:heart:
    DSC00835.jpg summer-07.jpg
  2. I LOVE '05 Chocolate! LUCKY GIRL!
  3. Oh, it's so GORGEOUS!!!! One of my all time favorite colors..........CONGRATS!!!!:heart:
  4. :drool::yahoo::drool::yahoo::tup::drool: Stunning.
  5. :drool::yahoo::nuts: yummy yummy!!! congrats! gorgeous!
  6. GORGEOUS! wat id do for an 05 weekender!! i love the picture of the puddle, it looks so smooshy!

  7. so pretty! i cant wait till i'm a lawyer and can actually afford bbags! : )
  8. i love this bag! congratulations, very suitable for work. :smile:
  9. so classic! congrats!
  10. gorgeous bag!
  11. :drool::drool:::drool:

    I'm absolutely speechless! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  12. Oh wow that looks so seriously scrummy!! Congrats she is beautiful!
  13. Love it,....................05 choc is my fav brown!

  14. :drool::drool::drool:
    Now my keyboard is wet from all the drooling I'm doing over here! LOL!!
    Congrats on a beautiful Bbag!!
  15. Beautiful bag - looks really tactile!