How Good Is Your Fake Spotting?!


Fake Spotting Skills

  1. I Am The LV Police!

  2. LV Police In Training

  3. So-So Spotter

  4. I Can't Tell The Difference...Yet

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  1. I know we've discussed fakes a million times. And I don't mean for this to be redundant of this thread (
    BUT! I just wanted to good are you at spotting a fake? I'm sure it is easier to spot Mono fakes as these are the most common. But how about the other, more subtle styles, like the Epis or the Suhalis, etc. Are those fakes harder to spot? Who's got the skills around here? :graucho:
  2. Police in training!!
  3. I'm very good at spotting fakes. They make me laugh. I work at Starkbucks so when i see some one with a designer purse come in, i run to the end of the counter to get a closer look but am usually dissappointed in that its a fake.
  4. I am the LV Police. Sometimes I go undercover too. :sneaky:
  5. ^ :supacool: i believe you!

  6. ITA! :yes: :ninja:

    Whenever I see LV I just have to find out whether it's real or not .... sometimes I even follow people to get a closer look ... I know I'm weird :sweatdrop: :p :roflmfao:

    My SO would be LV Police in Training (and I'm a good teacher :shame: )
  7. lol you guys. i hope to be LV Police status someday...
    but regarding my initial question, are you LV Police even able to spot a fake Epi? i'd love to be that good!
  8. I think one of the keys to fake epi is the outside monogram, usually that's done pretty crappy :push:
  9. Hello all,
    Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to tell the difference between what is real and fake?
  10. ^^^ It is getting a bit harder, but to the trained eye, you'll be able to tell automatically.

    Mara: LOL!!! I thought I was the only one that followed people just to get a closer look! :sweatdrop:
  11. I'm not very good!

    Before i got into LV i used to assume everyones' was fake (lol) but now, i try to spare people this assumption since i know mine are real... but i can never get close enough to tell, and i would hate to look too interested in someone's purse.
  12. I only recently purchased my very first LV but I've been an LV lover and watcher for a while. I'm fairly familiar with what the real ones look like. I can definitely spot a fake in a second. The quality of the bag is just totally different. I don't go out of my way to spot fakes but if I see an LV I take notice sometimes and usually the bags are fakes. Probably out of the ones I've seen 1 out of every 10 are real.....
  13. I'm a So-So Spotter :smile:
    still learning from the best ;)

  14. I'm pretty good at spotting (and reporting) fakes on eBay. Unfortunately, I see so few LV's where I live, that I don't get many chances to spot them IRL.
  15. The part of the country where I live LOVES mono. MC and classic. I can spot those fakes a mile away. The other day I saw a Speedy with feet :cursing: . WTH?! The people here don't seem to know that they're fakes are sooooo obvious its not even funny. I think I may have seen one Epi here and a few Damiers and I knew at least one of those was a fake. It looks more plastic than plastic itself. :sad:

    I've seen monos with orange and I mean orange handles. I've seen tan, again, plactic looking ones. Even saw some contraption that was unidenifiable :lol: LV clearly never made the bag. It was a true mess.