How good is the selection in Singapore?

  1. hi girls!! my first time posting here after the past 2 days of reading this weekend. i joined in july and didn't read much. but the past two days i was very obsessed. haha

    I wanna make the trip to Sg next year after CNY to get me one. :biggrin:

    is it worth the trip? or shld i order from balNY instead?

    i'm thinking city vert thyme or anthracite s/s 08. hehe:p
  2. greetings from Singapore!

    you might want to check the shopping sub-forum. i hear there's currently a sale on selected items (past seasons). i'm not sure if the sale will last till CNY period. the prices are quite steep here: a city costs S$2299, that's US$1532+ (compared to US RP US$1195) based on exchange rate of US$1 to S$1.5. it's probably better that you order from BalNY or from other popular e-tailers such as aloharag and diabro. hths.
  3. hi naeboo, I echo glossie's comments. In terms of selection and price, you are far better ordering from Bal directly, eg Bal NY or Bal Paris, or from Aloha Rag. You will have to email AR directly to ask for a stocklist in the style/color you're after, Have fun shopping!! Btw, Anthracite is an 07 color. You might still be able to find it at AR or Diabro, or eBay (but be sure to get it authenticated here on the authentication thread first).
    Search for "BalNY", "Bal Paris" here etc and you should pull up some old threads all about ordering from them, advantages/disadvantages, customer service quality, shipping etc.
  4. dbl post
  5. i was at the Bal boutique in Sg a couple of days ago and they only had the whistle bags on sale.. 50% off.. saw a red and a black if im not wrong.. they had an ivory mataleese, violet first, suede blue city with white trims and gunmetal GH, brown suede brief, calclaire work, RRT SGH and i think a pine green work... the selection is really small. like less then 10 bags in the shop.. and none of them were on sale.. doubt they ever will be since the demand is always high. by CNY hopefully 08 colours will be out.. but there is a long wait list.. think they give preference to their vips before the public..
  6. jo_ee>>i saw somewhere in this forum that anthracite is coming out in s/s 08 also? nvm.

    maybe i will consider ordering online or get my frens to grab one when they r over there.

    thanks all! that was informative.
  7. wait..

    but how much wld they charge for s&h to send to kl??
  8. Make sure you ask them if they have any other bags available, because they tend to keep a few in the storeroom at the back :p

    I would buy from Bal NY/Paris unless the most divine bag in the color/hardware combo is instore when I happen to be there - a luscious bbag in hand is worth 2 in Bal NY/Paris! :graucho:
  9. Hi naeboo, I'm pretty sure I have not heard of an Anthracite in s/s08. Did you mean F/W 08? But I haven't heard of that either.

    Have a look at this thread. These are the swatches of the SS08 colors. The bubblegum, pale magenta and vert thyme are already out now in the direct stores (ie Balenciaga stores) and some resellers. The rest have not been released yet, but the blues are due out soon. Have a quick look at the first 3 pages of the Bal forum to see other tpfers' posts of sneak pics of the colors, and the actual colors (when they purchased the bags). There is usually a huge difference between store photos (if the lighting is crappy, if they use flash etc) vs the actual color in real life. Hope this helps and good luck!