How good is Gucci Service?

  1. I am thinking of getting sunglasses for my best friend from there..but she is a bit of a klutz, if I get them for her, will she be able to go back to the store if she has any problems? Have you lades, or guys, run in any similiar problems ;)? Or would Nordstroms or Neiman's be a better choice? Thanks!!
  2. I think it varies from Store to Store. I have had different experiences. Maybe its better to purchase them at Nordstroms or Neiman's, I have had nothing but Great service from them both.
  3. Definitely Nordstroms or Neimans. Depending on your location, some Gucci stores are a pain to deal with.
  4. Ditto! I have had no luck with SF's Gucci boutique, they are a piece of :censor:
  5. To be honest with you, Gucci boutique service is not great at all. As soon as you walk out the doors with that item, they know longer know you :shocked: . I have a gucci bag that needs repair and they refuse to fix it for me because I dont have the receipt. :cry:
  6. Are you serious? That's horrible! I just walk in and they look at the serial # and the inside of the bag, no questions asked and it gets fixed. Sucks that their customer services is not consistant! Well, I haven't had to get one fixed in a while, but before, that's how it always was!
  7. Yes, its horrible that the service is not consistent...maybe Ill try another gucci boutique :hrmm:
  8. Thanks everyone!! The Gucci near me seems decent, but I don't want to take the risk.
    I actually got some sunglasses at Nordstrom's before, but I can't find my receipt and I paid in cash, so I don't know if I can get them fixed there?
  9. Same here Blue. I've never had problem when I need something fixed either. :noworry:
  10. I think it's best to buy from a Saks or Neimans if you can. And hang on to that receipt!! Then they will clean, repair, etc. I've only had good experiences at the Gucci store in Chicago, but I can see how the SAs can be aloof and unhelpful.
  11. Nordstrom's always stands by their product, if u have the nordstrom tag that came with your purchase, that would be great. Otherwise, you can try speaking to an SA. Most likely, they will be willing to help.
    Good Luck:yes:
  12. Thanks eveyrone :smile: I e-mailed Nordstroms just to check and they said a SA would be willing to help, even if I lost the receipt.