How good is Coach about repairs?

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  1. So my SIL is having problems with LV repairing her bag. They won't exchange or refund, and giving her a really hard time on the repairs. Have any of you had any problems with Coach repairs? If you take a bag in how long does it take Coach to give you a respond? Or to repair your bag?
  2. I had to have my Coach Chelsea Optic Hobo in for repair once, A few stitches came out on the handle. I called them first, they were really nice, didn't charge me the $20.00 to mail it back to me and they told me it would take 6-8 weeks, but I had it back at home in 4 weeks, but that could be just because it needed just a couple of stitches. So I would say overall, that experience was good! It was a good thing I had plenty of other bags to use in the meantime..ha ha ha...
  3. I have never sent a bag in, just two umbrellas and in both cases I got back a letter for the retail cost of the items within 4 weeks that I could apply at any Coach store or outlet.
  4. So do you usually get the retail cost even if the bag is used or a few years old?