How Good Are You at Reading Faces? Serial Killer or Computer Geek?

  1. This was posted on another forum I'm on and it's totally fun. See how many you get right! I got 8/10 (and missed the most obvious one)...
  2. Boy do I suck at telling serial killers from computer geeks. I guess I am doomed....
  3. I got 6 right!!
  4. I got 9/10. Since I hang around geeks I think I'm able to weed out the weird ones!
  5. I got 5 right! So I have 50/50 chance...great! LOL!

    That was fun! Thanks for posting!
  6. LOL!!
  7. 8/10, I based it on who I thought seemed harmless.
  8. 2/ bad
  9. 8/10, all my friends are guys and computer builders/programmers/gamers, I think I can spot the geeks by now :p
  10. I got 7/10... not bad... lol Son of Sam
  11. Wow I should be a detective I got 9/10

    haha pity I wasn't as good at picking out the scammers that have got me on eBay LOLOLOL
  12. I MISSED Son of Sam!!! I couldn't believe it!
  13. 7/10 not too bad. haha
  14. 8 of 10 : I was prone to calling them all serial killers :wtf:
  15. 8/10 Probably wont sleep tonight now. :push: