How Good Are You at Reading Faces? Serial Killer or Computer Geek?

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  1. This was posted on another forum I'm on and it's totally fun. See how many you get right! I got 8/10 (and missed the most obvious one)...
  2. Boy do I suck at telling serial killers from computer geeks. I guess I am doomed....
  3. I got 6 right!!
  4. I got 9/10. Since I hang around geeks I think I'm able to weed out the weird ones!
  5. I got 5 right! So I have 50/50 chance...great! LOL!

    That was fun! Thanks for posting!
  6. LOL!!
  7. 8/10, I based it on who I thought seemed harmless.
  8. 2/ bad
  9. 8/10, all my friends are guys and computer builders/programmers/gamers, I think I can spot the geeks by now :p
  10. I got 7/10... not bad... lol Son of Sam
  11. Wow I should be a detective I got 9/10

    haha pity I wasn't as good at picking out the scammers that have got me on eBay LOLOLOL
  12. I MISSED Son of Sam!!! I couldn't believe it!
  13. 7/10 not too bad. haha
  14. 8 of 10 : I was prone to calling them all serial killers :wtf:
  15. 8/10 Probably wont sleep tonight now. :push: