How good are returns?

  1. Okay, everyone knows I don't like my purple patent Bayswater. It has never left my house and is in perfect condition. It has been just at 28 days this week since i bought it and i am really regretting the purchase.

    Do I send it back as I am not happy with it and I spent so much on it? I don't want to annoy them, which is why I have just kept it! I really don't like the colour and I am just too much of a wimp to say anything!!

    I have so many Mulberry bags and I spend a good deal of my life drooling over new ones. I am worried that customer service will not do the return because I have waited so long. Obviously they will have no way of knowing that i am not a total flake, I just want the bags I buy to be perfect for me, if you know what I mean.

    I pretty much have it in mind to send it bag and exchange for another Bayswater in a darker nuetral colour.

    What are everyones opinions on mail order customer service?:tup: or :tdown:
  2. Kerilyn - I am sure they would take it back with no problems! Exchange it for choco! In addtion, they surely have other customers that are wimps:p:p. 28 days is not really that long, anyway. Let us know what you decide!

    BTW - you are not in that area where the big fire was?? Hope all is ok!
  3. The fire is about 5 miles away.
    we could see the smoke!!
    I am so upset because Camden is one of my favourite places to go out.
  4. So glad you are ok!!! Its too bad about it all..:crybaby::crybaby:

    Return that bag!!! Quick, before you back out!!:nuts:
  5. Phone them first thing Monday- explain that you would like to exchange it and see what they say. there is no point keeping a bag you don't love! Good luck !
  6. I agree, don't keep it because you just feel guilty to return it. There is no point keeping the bag that you don't love. I saw the one in Shepton Mallet, and thought it was becautiful but it's not classic and makes a big statement because of patent and a bright colour. I would also go for the Choc one because it is very neutral and practical. LOL Sometimes I also get a bag in a bright colour like my Ginger Annie and chicken out because I'm not brave enought to carry it. I think I should fist ask myself a question whether I'll wear/use it before buying.
  7. How did you get on Kerilynn?
  8. They have agreed to exchange it and I am getting a chocolate natural leather Bayswater instead.
    I do think it will go with more and is a practical purchase.
  9. oh well done!!
    your very lucky as i thought they had a set amount of days it had to be returned by!
  10. It is 28 days tomorrow actually.
  11. you did the right thing,that bayswater is going to be yummy!
    i have never taken to the purple patient, i think its coz i wouldnt know what to wear with it!
  12. Well done. You'll love the choco!
  13. woohoo! well done! The chocolate is gorgeous!
  14. Agreeing with the others, it´s lovely! Hope you like it too!:tup:
  15. Glad to hear that things worked out for you. Hope that you love the chocolate!