How good are deals at the Chanel outlet?

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Sep 13, 2006
I've been wondering for a while: has anyone been to the Chanel outlet (I'm thinking of the one at Woodbury Commons) and how good is it? Do they have classic purses and how much of a discount is there? Trying so badly to get my first Chanel without breaking the bank....


Style is Eternal
May 18, 2008
Little Rhody
you won't find the classics there.. There is a waiting list on many styles at full price.. so no need to send them to the outlet.

I've also heard that they are getting rid of clothing there (how true this is, I don't know)

as for the selection, it's hit or miss, like any other outlet.. the last time I went it was very slim pickings.. they said they were expecting a big shipment the following week.. (but I'm here NOW d&^% it!) :smile:

.. I've lucked out with a few bags, shoes, and clothing pieces over the years.. but my style can be a little quirky, so I like the more unusual items anyway.
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