How Funny

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  1. I went camping once and my friend had a knock off louis vuitton cherry blossom pochette and she left it on the table and a .Squirrel came AND took a bite into it and left a pea sixe hole i was laughing so hard...
    even the squirrel think that knock of are funny;) ;)
  2. i would die laughing
  3. i did
  4. OMG That is hysterical! A squirrel that has a taste for knockoffs! What did your friend do?
  5. HAHAHha....! the squirrel must've been like...
    "WOW...!!! an LV...!!! *bite* EEEWWW....!! it's FAKE!!! :weird:"
    HAhahahha..!! ROFL!
  6. OMG!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. That knock off probably taste really nasty to the poor lil squirrel. :lol:
  8. How funny was that, even the poor squirrel knew the difference between pleather and canvas.
  9. OMG I can just picture it...poor squirrel, trying to eat a toxic fake.
  10. That is hilarious!
  11. That is too funny!!! Maybe now your friend will buy a real one next time!