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  1. i went camping once and my friend had a knock off louis vuitton cherry blossom pochette and she left it on the table and a .Squirrel came AND took a bite into it and left a pea sixe hole i was laughing so hard...
    even the squirrel think that knock of are funny;) ;)
  2. The squirrel obviously knows how to spot a knock-off. :lol:
  3. i now how and some people can!!!!
  4. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Lol...that sounds kinda cute.
  5. The same thing happened to me!
  6. lol I would have laughed so hard if I was there.
  7. That's funny...reminds me of the Newlywed episode where Jessica takes her LV camping.
  8. lol i felt the same way over spring break, we hadn't been planning to take a trip to the beach from savannah (it takes about a half our to get there from downtown) but we decided on our last day to go, so there i was, standing with my feet in the water and my LV Babylone on my shoulder.
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