How funny is this, my Carryall, Damier Speedy & Mini Lin Speedy all have the same

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  1. lock #. I just noticed it, so all the sudden it's like I have 5 spare keys, lol. It's a very good thing for me because I tend to misplace small things. I think from now on, I will ask for the same lock # when I get a bag that comes w/ a lock.

    I wonder how many different lock # LV has....
  2. That's gotta be unusual. None of my locks have the same number. I guess I have about 5, also. At least you'll always have the right key!
  3. what a coincidence
  4. Huge coincidence but very convenient.
  5. Eh, actually my sa tells me to request for the same # on all my bags for convinence, they will give you! This is part of their service and one of the good quirks about LV!

    But if you have actually bought the bags for a time already, I'm not sure whether they will change for you? Can try if you haven't used the lock!
  6. haha! what a crazy coincidence!
  7. That is a coincidence, but very great if you were to ever misplace a key, you'll also have a spare!
  8. Wow what luck. Each of your purchases must have been fated to be yours!
  9. How ironic...but cool you'll never have to wonder where your key went.
  10. Haha, I'd like to think so, especially since one came from eLux, one came from a U.S. boutique and one came from a German boutique.
  11. Gosh... I never even knew the keys HAD numbers, or were different! Now I gotta go look at mine...