how functional is your BV bag?

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  1. Hello BV people. I'm interested in BV and think the often-seen (on celebrities and PF members) hobo styles look very attractive. I do have one older style that is east-west in shape and more structured. Do you ladies find that your BV bag is easy to find things in and easy to get in and out of? I don't usually like hobo bags as I feel my stuff is going to be floating around in there...especially if the bag is large. But these bags are tempting in that I think they would get softer and more beautiful with use.
  2. sdkitty: I'm an exact opposite of you! I love Hobo as I can just throw my things inside without having to place them neatly into a structured bag. I have no issues in finding things or getting things in & out as I'm already so used to carrying Hobos
  3. I don't mind rooting around in a bag to find things. What concerns me most is a combination of the inside getting dirty and the ease of changing bags. That is why I use a bag insert. I have a Chameleon, some people use a Purseket. Everything fits in the insert. It helps to protect the lining of your bag, and makes changing bags a breeze! Having an insert dilutes the difference between functionality of various styles.

    Then you can decide if your bag must fit on the shoulder or over the arm? Also, can the top be open, or must it have a zipper? Do you like one strap or two?
  4. Actually, it doesn't bother me much because the BV hobos that I have used (large Veneta, original Ball bag, Campana) are big enough for me to find without wasting much time. Now, however, I have been using small lightweight bags/cases to corral some things I like to carry all the time (comb, aspirin, lipstick, floss, etc.) and that helps neaten things up inside. I have used BV cosmetic cases (the fabric ones from a couple years ago) and Hermes Karos. I'm sure there are tons of inexpensive cases to use to organize.
  5. I want to see a pic of this purse insert :wondering.
  6. ^^ I did a bit of search and came across blueiris' fabulous thread with lots of pics here.:tup:
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    Mid- you found my old thread! To anyone who reads that, be sure to see the updated photos and comments that appear later in the thread, as I switched from the large-structured chameleon to the medium-structured size.

    I took a few quick shots today of that same medium structured chameleon inside my two new BVs, large torrent Veneta and nero Sloane. Because the Sloane has enough heft as it is, and because it's so slouchy on its own, I decided not to test the PurseIn organizer in it. The PurseIn is great for my unstructured nylon Le Pliage Longchamp bags (see the thread Mid- referenced), but it is slightly heavier than the chameleon, and the sides don't stand up as well.

    Observations: The medium chameleon is probably too small for both these bags. But, despite the large capacity and dimensions of the large Veneta and the Sloane, both bags have relatively small openings. The medium chameleon does not fill the bags lengthwise by any stretch, but when I peer into the opening of the bag, I wouldn't be able to see the extra length/room of longer-length organizers, anyway.

    Because I use the organizer as much to protect the interiors of my bags as to organize their contents, and because I fear that my chameleon will tip its contents because of all the extra space, I will probably end up buying a large structured chameleon for the Sloane. I might consider a large Purse To Go for the large Veneta, because it is longer and narrower than the large chameleon, so it would probably fit the Veneta shape better. As it is now, the medium structured chameleon seems too constraining for the amount of usable space in the bags. The large chameleon isn't so much larger that I think it would affect the slouch in the bags--I think the bags' ample length and height will still form slouches.

    The photos show the empty bags next to the medium structured chameleon, as well as the bags with the filled chameleon inside.

    Edited to Note: the medium structured chameleon, as shown in the photos, is actually inside out from how it is typically used. I like the main pockets to be on the inside, but I guess most others prefer the opposite. The owner kindly finished the exposed and somewhat scratchy edges for me (the white edging shown in the photos), but I don't think they all are like that. Last time I checked, she was looking into having them be fully reversible.

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  8. Wow! What a frickin' fabulous tutorial.....Thanks :tup:
  9. That was wonderful of you blueiris, to take some BV pictures. I use the medium unstructured Chameleon. I want to get the structured one, so it is less floopy. Plus, I'd like a size large, too. Doloresmia told me about the glad she did. :smooch:
  10. I use large cameleon unstructured. It fits well in the sloane and the Balenciaga City. I did not choose the medium cameleon because of its height. I think the large unstructured[regular] cameleon would fit large veneta well too because it's flexible at the bottom. I love its handles for easy transport.
  11. Thank you, blueiris, for your detailed explanation of the purse inserts. I've never used one but they look very practical and I like the idea that they help to keep the inside of bags clean.

    Can you see the sides (or edges) of the chameleon through the bags? I thought I could in your photos but I wasn't sure if that's what I was seeing.
  12. Thanks, Mid, for the link and blueiris for the thread. I just ordered 2 large structured chameleons!
  13. You're welcome!

    In the Veneta, yes, I think you can probably see the squarish outline of the structured-medium chamelon through the leather. The Veneta is so flat (there is no depth dimension on the Venetas!) that I think any item having a distinct shape would have a little show-through. However, I don't think it would be that noticeable when wearing the large Veneta, what with the slouching and the slightly angled positioning of the bag (or, with the arm covering the front if it's worn straight up and down).

    I can't see the chameleon's outline as much in the Sloane. It might be due to the darkness of the nero, but more likely, it's because the Sloane has a depth that is wider than the medium structured chameleon (the medium structured chameleon is like a small fish in the pond of the Sloane). It does make the Sloane sit up more on its own, but I don't really see an outline.

    Here are some photos of the Sloane with the medium structured chameleon inside, containing the same stuff as in the earlier interior photos. I couldn't attach them to my earlier post because of the 5-photo limit, and I forgot to post them earlier. Sorry!

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  14. ^^Goldenflower, I momentarily forgot that you're probably considering this for use in your new Baltic large Veneta. As I noted in an earlier post, I don't think my medium structured chameleon is the best organizer for the large Veneta. The shape and dimensions just aren't ideal.

    Instead, I'd refer you to the Purse to Go in the "large" size (disclaimer: I don't own this one and have never seen it in person). From what I understand, it is longer, a touch narrower, and is oval-not squarish like the chameleons--so it may suit the large Veneta better. There would still be leeway in the length to allow for slouching, and the edges might not be as visible. I got this idea from another tPF member (whose name escapes me) who posted in a PurseToGo thread somewhere else on tPF.