How Functional Are Pouchettes?

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  1. How much can you fit into one? Do you hand or shoulder carry it? What about shoulder carrying it while wearing a coat?

    I'm thinking about trying for a Mirior Pouchette since it'll probably be the only one I can get since I'm not already on the waitlist. :crybaby:
  2. I use mine as an evening bag or when I want to go to the movies/club and not take a lot of stuff with me. It fits my ID/mastercard, camera, keys, lipglosses, and mirror. I think it's a great buy - I would suggest getting the pochette extender/ bolt key chain so that you can extend the length of the strap to make it fit better/more comfortably on your arm. ;)
  3. i only use it when i don't want to take a lot with me (i only put my cellphone and cles) or when i'm going out at night. you can't fit a lot in a pochette. i find the mini sac more useful :idea:

    i bought the keyholder/extender so i always carry it on my shoulder. :yes:
  4. Oh wow, I didn't know I could purchase an extender. This changes things. :nuts:

    The main reason I have steered clear of the pouchette is because the strap is so short.
  5. it seems like the pochette is really popular, but I don't like it for the same reason as always: it's too big as an accessory bag and too small as an actual bag. Besides, there are so many teenagers wearing it (well...i'm a teen too....but gonna be 20 in 4 days lol), and they're wearing off its charm. Also, it looks like it's for kids... If I were 10 years old, i'd buy it.
  6. Since mine is the older version, the strap in connected to the zipper instead of the sides of the bag like the new ones. I carry one of three ways:

    On my shoulder
    In my hand with the strap all the way across or......
    ...I pull the strap to the end of the bag so it isn't going across and carry it by the strap just on one side.

    This last one is hard to describe since I'm not at home (my second home now since I moved :P ). When i get back I'll take pics so you'll see what I'm talking about. :jammin:
  7. I use it for an evening bag when I do not have to carry many items. I hand carry mine.
  8. ITA. I have a mono and black MC and they are amazing and hold MUCH more than you'd expect. When you go to the movies there may not be a free seat on the other side of you from your date, and heaven forbid you'd want your big bag on your lap during the movie or even worse on the floor! :yucky: . That's why pochettes are so perfect for going out.
  9. Went back to my showcase and found that I had a pic of what I was talking about regarding holding the bag with the straps together, wristlet style.

    Here ya' go.

  10. I love pochettes. For me, they're an easy way to get something from various lines. But I have the little clip which makes the strap longer, so I just clip it on, throw in my billfold, Razr, couple pens, lipglosses and keys and I'm all set for whatever I need to do. :smile:
  11. I like it more for an evening out bag when I'm not carrying much. I can fit quite a bit though. A cles, phone, lipstick, small wallet, etc. For a usual daytime bag, though it's too small for me.
  12. I use mine, I have a few, as a 'grab and go' inside my bigger bags. I keep wallet or cles in it, cell phone, lip gloss, it is easy to pull out of my big bag is I need to just run to the store or get the kids, etc.
  13. ^^^ same here
  14. I use mine when I don't have a lot of stuff to carry, or if I don't feel like lugging a huge bag around for the day. I can jam my wallet, cell phone, bulky keys, chapstick, & random peices of papers. I like to carry it on my shoulder.. but if my coat is too bulky, I will just sling it on my arm.