How full is your Speedy 30 on a everyday basis?


How full is your Speedy 30 on a everyday basis?

  1. Almost empty

  2. Little less than half full

  3. Half full

  4. 3/4 of the way full

  5. Stuffed to the top!

  6. Busting at the seams!

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  1. I was just wondering how full your Speedy 30 is on a everyday basis?
  2. I just carry the essentials such as
    -Magenta Razr cellphone
    -Make-Up pouch
    -digital cam
  3. I carry alot of STUFF in my speedy on a day to day basis.
  4. I was just wondering cuz I read alot of speedy 25/30 threads, and alot of people say they buy whichever looks best on them. Which looks best for their frame/in proportion.

    So I was thinking what if the 30 looks better on you, but you don't carry many things...hmm...:hrmm:

    I voted "little less the half full". But, I have alot of things in there. Yet, my 30 is only a lil less than half full.
    I have:

    Cell, Ckbk, wallet, keys, 2 magazines, a trade paperback book (so a bit bigger than a usual paperback), wapity, sm. ring agenda, a few misc. papers. I think this is a good amount...but not even hit the half way full mark...That's why I was curious 'bout everyone else and there
    speedy 30s.
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  6. LVCRAZED - when i use mine its always half full... contents includes... diary, glasses case, sunnies, keys, cellphone, (did have a LV pochette comestics case... will replace it with a WAPITY), water bottle (yes i'm crazy to carry one INSIDE my LV piece), light weight cardi... and anything else i pick up on my way... hehehe!
  7. Mine is not full at all.....i only carry my wallet, cell phone,hair brush, mirror and my wapity case. :P
  8. I voted half full.

    I have my LV zipped purse, mini pochette, cles, mc address book, cell phone, and keys.

    In addition to my stuff, I carry my 2 year old's necessities...a couple of diapers, diapers wipes in a ziploc bag, snacks, a portable changing pad, and a toy train or 2.

    Geez...when I write it all down, it sounds like so much stuff.
  9. I technically dont have my Speedy 35 yet but I after I bought it I switched out of my Baggy GM into my Charlie Lapson bag of similar proportions (15 1/2" by 8") and style so I can get used to a handheld bag (kind of like wearing a new pair of stilettos in the house before the event they were bought for-lol) anyway I have my large Purseket in there which is loaded with pens, reading glasses, mini flashlight, travel sewing kit, digital camera, pill box, lip glosses, my trusty Tide-to-go stick, memo pad, mini pliers, crimper, 2' of sterling silver wire and various beading findings, and in the purse itself my Maxx NY checkbook-style wallet, Coach sunglasses and case, Coach Hamptons scribble wristlet which I use as a cosmetic pouch, cell phone, keys, cigarettes...and this bag is pretty full so I know my Speedy 35 will be too! I hope it comes tomorrow!!!
  10. Hehe, I voted :smile:
    I only carry a wallet, cles, phone, perfume, iPod, keys. Sometimes I think I don't even use the most of my bag and would probably be suited to a smaller bag :P. But I just love the shape of the Speedy, I don't know how people can stuff it SOOO full :huh:!
  11. 1/2 full for me on a normal werk day:
    -coach french purse
    -2 key fobs
    -1 make-up pouch
    -1 foldable umbrella (small)
    -2 envelopes full of misc docs (ekekeke)
    -1 coach wristlet
    -1 sunglass case (w sunglasses)
    -1 small Creative mp3 player
    -1 handsanitiser
    -1 small clothbag (for last-minute purchases)

    melikeylv...i totally get 18mth gerl... tt'll include 1 diaper, 1 milk bottle,1 small tupperware of her snacks,wet/dry tissues,her cardi

    Ok give it to me...i must be insane to stuff my speedy this much!?But the 30 is surprisingly roomy...and it only comes to 1/2 full...

    I want a purseket...can anybody help me get it in Spore??!!!!PLEASE!
  12. On an everyday basis I carry:
    - cell phone
    - pochette cosmetique
    - digital camera
    - keys
    - prescription glasses
    - a magazine for the bottom of the Speedy, less sagging that way
    - a book

    I really need a purseket! :yes:
  13. I carry a speedy 25 which is obviously smaller and it's still only half full here the list

    makeup pouch
    Dior Sunglasses
    Pills and inhaler (for my asthma)
    Hair Brush
    Envelope with paperwork
    perfume bottle
    pkt of tissues

    and if my baby is with me

    Juice cup

    and those baby extras there's still more room!
  14. I fill a speedy 25, baggy pm.
    Daily i carry, wallet, c/c wallet, makeup bag(holds small items) note pad, agenda, keys and cell phone.

    on the weekend add, keys, cell phone and wallet (all s/o)

    when i carry my neo speedy or mc speedy i have room left.
  15. check ebay for the purseket.