How full are your bags?

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  1. I like tote bags and other larger style purses, but I often pass them up because I don't really know what to put in them. I feel a little ridiculous carrying a large bag that only has 5 small items in it.

    So how full are your bags? Do you carry large bags with only a few items or do you stick to smaller purses for fewer items? If you fill up a large bag, what do you put in it, particularly if you aren't using it as a diaper bag? Do you just carry whatever bag you want, regardless of how full or empty it will be?

    Shrug. I don't know. For some reason, I just always feel compelled to fill up a bag and feel funny carrying a half-empty purse.

    What do you do?
  2. I love large bags because I carry a lot of things....
    Cosmetics pouch, a purse organizer with checkbook, agenda, wallet, a bottle of water, my phone and charger, my Ipad, a pair of sunglasses.
    If I don't need all that, for example when I walk my dog, I just carry a small bag.
  3. I know what you're saying and for a while I didn't like larger bags because of this. It does seem silly carrying one when it's maybe a quarter filled. But since I started working recently after having been a SAHM for years, I am carrying larger slouchy bags that I fill during the week but can easily transition to carrying less items when I'm not working. They don't look silly at all when I have fewer items in them and it is nice to have room in my bag when I'm shopping so I can throw things in too :smile:
  4. The majority of my bags are of medium size except for a couple of Large totes, the reason I got them is for the times that I need to carry more than what I'd normally carry so it works out wonderfully.

    If you just like the look of a big bag, but don't have much to fill it up with maybe you can place an article of clothing or towel folded nearly at the bottom to take up some space!? A while ago I saw a girl with a large empty looking tote & remember thinking about how great it would be if they would sell Tote "fillers" they can do them in different sizes, colors, maybe even sell zippered linings to change the look & they can sell them as a kit or individually, I really need to stop as I can go on & on, lol
  5. My bags keep getting fuller and fuller. I carry lots of things similar to Mariapia including ipad.
  6. I used to carry mainly larger bags, but it was also because I was a student and needed to carry my books around. Now, aside from my large Le Pliage tote, I only own medium sized bags and a few smaller ones. I recently downsized what I carry and my shoulders have been thankful. I try to only carry the essentials and not over-stuff my bags. If I need extra space (e.g., for carrying larger books or for travel use), then the large tote comes out but other than that, the small and medium sized bags have been working fine for me.
  7. I'm on a 3-day weekend trip right now, and in my tote there are fewer items than my everyday bag. I carry a 10-inch tablet+charger,water bottle, a pouch with my cards and phone in it, a cosmetics bag, agenda, sunnies, some shopping from the jewelry store, plus a folded-up tiny Longchamp Le Pliage that carried my lunch on the way here. All the pockets are stuffed with small items.

    I carry large bags - well, huge is more of an appropreate word - so that they don't get filled to the brim with stuff. If I carry a smaller (medium) bag, it's always stuffed to the max. I don't like having to dig around for stuff and having to take out my cosmetics bag, sunnies case etc just to get to my umbrella and so on. If there's lots of excess space, like when I go to school and want to carry my cream leather tote I might put a cardigan or scarf in there to give the bag a bit more support and also to make sure I don't freeze in the class room.

    If you CAN carry a small bag, enjoy it and also the pain free shoulders you get as a bonus! The only reason I have gotten around to carrying tiny bags is because of my back and shoulder trouble...
  8. My bags are mainly the size and shape of an LV Speedy 25 and usually only about half full (unless I need heavy gloves or an umbrella in bad weather, or am carrying a paperback book instead of my usual Kindle).

    I don't like the look of overstuffed bags and it seems silly (to me) to carry a big bag with very little in it, so when I go to buy a bag I judge its size against what I need to carry.

    I don't go smaller than this size (except for evening bags) because a really tiny bag looks funny (to me) during the day - that's probably only because many people here (Toronto) carry bags that look like luggage to me (and their bags are stuffed and overflowing!)
  9. It's true that today we have lots of things to carry. We leave home in the morning and need, depending on the weather, an umbrella, a cardigan, our laptop etc...
    Our shoulders and back ache...physiotherapists are against big bags of course..But what can we do? Carry two handbags?
  10. I've started to use a backpack if I need to lug around a lot of stuff for long periods of time. If my shoulders are in pain, I try to fit my life in a smaller bag and deal with it...although with the spring making its way even up here, the weather alone with its unpredictability is a force to be reckoned with; the umbrella, the sunnies, the gloves/scarf/cardigan etc have to come with.
  11. Same thing here!:rain:
    That's also what I meant!
  12. If I'm going to uni, my bag is FILLED to the brim with files, my mac laptop, water bottle etc. If Im going out over the weekend, I carry my lv delightful and its only about 1/3 full. I'm happy with the decrease in weight and don't really care about the excess space!
  13. Just last year, I stopped carrying large/tote bags because my kids are older (16 & 10). I just don't need to carry as many things as I used to. Sold all of my larger totes except for the ones of sentimental value. I almost feel a certain freedom to downsizing.
    It's definitely a learning curve to carrying something small to medium size. I have downsized a lot, but sometimes I still find myself stuffing the smaller bags.
  14. Reading over these responses, I think it all comes down to personal preferences (and quirks).

    I seem to be a bit of an outlier here, but if my bag is completely full, I think that I've taken the wrong bag. In other words, I always want to have a least a bit of space in whatever bag I'm carrying. I feel like it's hard to find things in a stuffed bag.

    When deciding what bag to take, I try to choose the one that could most comfortably fit everything I'll likely need throughout the day, plus room for the unexpected. Better to always carry that umbrella and not need it than get caught in an unexpected downpour! Which is all the more likely since spring finally seems to be on it's way here....
  15. I also think it's personal preference!!
    In my opinion, it's how much you carry that affects your back/shoulder pain (if you have these issues)..
    The size of the bag isn't always the issue, unless it has lots of heavy hardware and details. I have a Coach tote that is not leather and has minimal hardware.
    Its a north/south style that is light in weight and has loads of room. I do not fill it, I carry my everyday essentials and if I need to put something in there while I'm out, then I have the room without having to carry multiple bags.
    I can see my new tote becoming my new go to bag, especially for my upcoming traveling for my home business...