How fuctional is this L.A.M.B.?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I was wondering if anyone had this wallet and how easy it is to open? I :heart: the design and look and my only concern is the closure. Could someone shed some light on this? Thanks lambies!!:smile:
  2. I saw one at my local NR a few months ago and I had a hard time with the clasp.

    When it comes to getting at my money and opening/closing my wallet, I don't like a lot of hassle, and this wallet gave me a little grief.

    I considered buying it but imagined that I would end up leaving it undone just because the clasp was a pain. I ended up passing on the wallet and have no interest in ever getting one.
  3. When this wallet went on sale at Nords online I bought it to go with my messenger bag. I returned it the same day. My main issue was with the closure, it was very heavy and I was trying to imagine using it on a day to day basis and it just seemed like a PIA. I was also worried about the clasp scratching when it was open like I worry about my love wallets, sometimes when I have them open I flip the clasp part in so it's not scratching on a surface.

    I loved the little gold lamb above the closure but even looking at it online, I wished it had less leather and more of the black and white woven pattern on it. I think it was also at a time when budget was tight for us and that also made it easier to return.

    Long story short, IMO if you were to buy it, get it from a place or person who accepts returns in case you don't like it. HTH ;)
  4. Thank you both soooo much for your imput. You both had it and tried it- and I have to agree with you both already that I would feel the same way!! It is still pretty to look at but I think that that is all it will end up being for me- eye candy. Sigh.......
    lamb76; How do you like your Music wallet??? Is it "holding up" well?

    I may end up with a couple wallets by the time I'm done! LOL! I'm thinking of a Leopard clutch too!
  5. The wallets that I use on a day to day basis are the Love Frosted Silver. I have two of them :blush: There is something about the silver, it is just so beautiful to me. Now that I want the henna wallet two silvers seem a little impractical so we'll see if I can justify another. I have not purchased any of the music line, I've been waiting for this Spring :love:
  6. the clasp is very heavy.
  7. I'll add one more thing about the wallet: The way the pattern is placed with so much leather surrounding it, it looked like some Arizona Southwestern motif. The pattern on the larger bags is lovely, but the wallet just looked ick to me. And I know my husband would ask me if it came with some tourquoise and a dreamcatcher.

    It's just not my thing. And no offense to those who like the southwestern stuff.
  8. ^^ I agree, I always thought it looked like Arizona... Legsi, I use my black DECO everyday and it's really easy, just snaps shut. I love it!!!
  9. Legsie, I played with this wallet once at nordies. The clasp is difficult. When I want my money out, I want it out NOW! lol.
  10. First thing I thought of when I saw this wallet way back when!

  11. If I had the chance for a Deco clutch - I would jump on that! Haven't seen any though. There just aren't enough wallets popping up to buy online! :Push:
  12. oh i bought the black deco on sale on recently and haven't used it yet, as i can't pry myself away from my see by chloe continental wallet, but i love love love the deco.