How Frozen are You?

  1. It is FFFFreezing in So Cal!!! (don't laugh all you cold weather dwellers!) I am a Los Angelean born and raised so I must have it be 70 degrees at all times!:lol: I worked night shift last night and when I left work it was 32 degrees!!!!! And its supposed to get colder tonight! Probably just a hair colder than that cause there was a light breeze!! Most of our animals were snoozing away at their heaters but believe it or not some were out and about enjoying the crisp air! They are so much heartier than we are thats for sure.
    Anyway - how cold is it where you live right now?
    Where I am it is 50 degrees.

  2. Haha! I'm right there with you bagnshoofetish!!! I'm in Dana Point and it was 49 at my house (at the beach) this morning and when I got to my pilates class it was 37 degrees in San Juan Capistrano!! OMG, I was wearing a puffy and uggs! :wtf:
  3. Today rain & high of 37, tomorrow high of 20:yucky: I hate winter!

  4. Where are you acegirl?
  5. It's 27 here... so pretty cold. At least it's not snowing :smile:

  6. I'd give anything for some snow in Cali--our Sierra's are HURTING this winter...send us some that snow!! ;)
  7. Indiana ;) Pretty nice the rest of the year but the winter's are unpredictable & yucky!
  8. ITA! If its gonna be this cold, I wanna see some snow on the ground! The skiing has been sucky sucky here this winter so far....pray for February snow!
  9. I'm in NoCal and I swear we have had a fire going for like weeks now!!

    It's soooo cold here!!!

    Where is Spring?!?!?!
  10. :smile: It's actually been crazy warm here so far, sans the day we got a foot of snow! You never know what you're going to get in Wisconsin!
  11. Hi. I live in CANADA and our furnace broke 2 days ago. Likely won't get replaced until Tuesday. Oh - and we're finally getting our cold spell!! Why couldn't this have happened last week??

    Thank goodness we've got 4 gas fireplaces, working over time trying to heat 4500 sq. feet of home...
  12. no idea how cold it is.. but i'm happy it's gotten a bit colder so the snow can fall and i can ski properly :yahoo: i'm in sweden though so it's to be expected, i didn't come here for the sun and beaches :lol:
  13. We are in the second day of an ice storm warning and it will last until tomorrow. No one has gone anywhere. Kids went sliding down the road on Big Rubbermaid tub tops. I am sorting out clothing and sitting by the fire (and computer). Being lazy.
  14. I'm in Denver and right now it's snowing and about 10*. I love winter and the snow but enough is enough!
  15. 28 degrees today tomorrow will be 19 and Tuesday should be 0