How frequently does Eluxury restock and update their website

  1. I have been looking for a epi red speedy 30. I thought maybe get one at Eluxury tax free and with free shipping. I keep checking back but no luck...
    How often do they get in more stock and update their website? Anyone have a clue?
  2. I know usually stock is frequently replenished Mon-Fri, but not all pieces. I do know if you place an order on Thurs or Fri, and you are using free shipping, they don't mail it out until the next week (in my experience). I find most stocking occurs after 12 midnight (EST). Just my personal observations, as I use elux alot, and they usually give vip clients heads up first.
  3. I have seen stock appear during the day, which is great for those instant-gratification purchases!
  4. I might be wrong but I was thinking about the same epi speedy 30...a few weeks ago. I think elux had them on there, but as the others said, they come and go. You might call them and ask. The free shipping ends tonight but they do the free shipping deal quite often, about every 2-4 weeks that I notice. Best to check often. They will empty a person's cart if the item is in their cart too long and if someone calls and wants it. (I know because I put things in my cart while I am deciding....later it might be no longer in stock.) :graucho:

  5. Thanks...really debating on if I should buy this noe or later and even a slight savings may sway me...ha ha
  6. Try calling eluxury if you cant see the item.
  7. the red epi speedy 25 is available though
  8. They have the Red Epi Speedy 30.
  9. I think they restock as they receive. I've gone on in am and somethings not there but then it's there in the pm. You just have to keep looking. And they always have good stuff in the middle of the night it seems.
  10. Definitely try calling them. I called them a few months ago just to ask when they would be receiving a certain bag that wasn't on the website, and they told me they had 6 in stock and I ordered it right away. They just hadn't put it on the website yet.