how freaking cute is this...

  1. I dolled up my new purchase!!
    Copy of DSC00071.JPG Copy of DSC00072.JPG Copy of DSC00073.JPG
  2. :tup::tup:
  3. OMG!!!! That is ADORABLE~!!!!!!!!! I SOOOOOOOO wanted the fall patchwork, and ordered a medium Carly from Vacaville but it was defective. :tdown: My outlets have the fall patchwork carly top handle pouch but it is just TOO TINY for me!! I would never use it and it would just sit in my closet!!!! DANG!!! I LOVE the fall patchwork!!!!! LUCKY GIRL!!! :drool:
  4. Very nice... love that signature print scarf with your hand bag!
  5. Love it!!! :yes:

  6. Mommyville, I almost purchased that same top handle pouch this weekend. It was priced at around $64 at the Coach outlet but I knew that the pouch just wouldn't work out for me due to it's small size.

  7. what what what!!! I DID NOT see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so would have gotten it!! someone get it for me!!! lol Id so rather have the carly than the pouch! And $64?!?! Are you kidding me??????????? I WANT IT!!!
  8. ha ha, cute! that is cute to think that our purses to us now are like our baby/barbie dolls were to us back then. we do have fun dressing them up!:smile:
  9. EXACTLY!!! I was sad though and wish my outlets would have had the medium sized Carly :crybaby:
  10. I didnt even know they made a baby carly with the fall patchwork! I dont remember seeing it
  11. I love your bag its very cute the fall patchwork has just beautiful colors in it!
  12. Wendie, I noticed that you seem to prefer the smaller hand bags. A few weeks ago, I saw the signature stripe demi (khaki/pale blue) on sale for $111 at the Coach outlet:

  13. That is too darn cute!!!
  14. Yes you did!! And it's adorable!:heart:
  15. Very cute!