How Fragile is Panda

  1. I tried to do a search and a million threads came up with Panda Pochette in there but didn't see this being discussed ...

    How fragile is the Panda on the Pochette? Is it very likely to be scratched/rubbed off? I looked on eBay at used ones and didn't see any with any marks at all. I know on the Cerises you see more worn ones with some missing paint.

    I have a MINTY MINT panda and am worried about using it. I'm a big purse girl so was going to use it inside a bag or for that quick trip in a store but don't want to have to be overly paranoid - otherwise I'd be better off to get a basic mono pochette then not enjoy out of fear ... is there anything to put on him to help protect?

    Sorry for SOOO many questions ... :nuts: ...
  2. Yeah mine is pretty mint too. I just used it yesterday (I use mine as a small bag) and it's still perfect. I think it's just because the print is on a part that isn't touched much and besides, not a lot of people got ahold of the Panda pieces in the first place. So you won't typically see a ton of chipped or beat up wallets or anything like you will with the Cerises or Graffiti.
    Anyway no, NEVER put anything on the panda, it may very well destroy the design.
  3. Thank you Rebecca - I guess I need to decide if I want to keep it for the sake of keeping it (I'm trying so hard to be practical with my purchases and only buy what I'll use!) or sell it since I'm too chicken to use it as it was intended. I still haven't gotten up the courage to use my groom zippy organizer for the same reason!
  4. Lol. I use all my Groom pieces too (I use my Pochette wallet daily now) and they still look great as well. :yes:
  5. I have both the Panda and the Cerises pochettes. Unfortunately there is some ruboff on the Cerises. As a result I have been extra careful with my Panda. What I usually do is use the pochettes inside a larger bag with a soft lining so there is less risk of them rubbing off on hard surfaces.
  6. It will rub off with a lot of use. I wish LV would make these pieces more protected. It stinks when they rub off!
  7. I had a panda and it was mint...but I was careful not to rub it on anything or lay it on anything!! It will rub off if you're not careful with it!
  8. :party:Yeah, just got mine off eBay yday... Now it's sitting in its box inside my cabinet. Quite paranoid that the prints will come off... But we paid so much for it, i am sure the quality will still be there isn't it? :p

    Still to play safe, i will treat it with TLC should i decide to use it one day!! haha... same goes with my Groom cles...