How fragile are the quilted bags?

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  1. I'm just wondering because I saw a girl leave the metro and her bag was really beaten up by the corners. I think it's a classic of some sort as the chain had fabric going through it and it was the regular diamond pattern. Kinda burgundy red but like I said the corners were so beaten that I saw the black leather underneath. Is this normal wear & tear or just a totally abused bag? And does this mean that the classics or reissues cannot be used as a daily workhorse.

    Sorry to sound so naive but I'm totally new to the brand and am now wondering if I just blew away a couple of grand for naught. TIA!
  2. ^^

    I would say it's an abused bag because Chanel flaps in caviar are quite durable! The one you saw may be lambskin which is a nightmare to take care of.
  3. ehmm..maybe its made from lambskin..since its more delicate.
  4. yar, guess that might have been a lambskin but well, leather is afterall biodegradeable stuff so guess it will happen eventually esp if the bag has been used frequently and for some time.....
  5. please don't judge all chanel leather bags by what u saw!
    it must have been used/abused for sure...i believe
    most of us "baby" our bags...
  6. abused or fake!
    It's not the quilting it's the type of leather. . . or lack there of.
  7. yup. fake or abused.
  8. Oh yea! Never thought about fake!
  9. That is a concern of mine as well. As beautiful as they are, I never got around to buying a lambskin bag because I have seen several at consignment stores in my city, and they were being sold at a high price, but looked so abused and had a funny odor, poor things. :sad:

    But maybe it is about how you treat them, as I have also seen pics of older lambskin flaps posted by tPFers that still look super. :yes: Does anyone have experience w/ older flaps that can advise?

  10. You guys are the best! I feel TONS better. Thank you!
  11. Some people are very rough on their bags without realizing it, I see many women shopping and hitting their bags into everything. That will totally abuse the corners, just letting it hit into stuff. I am very careful of my bags (as I think most of here are). Some people just can't help it! :yes: