How Fragile are the Metallics?

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  1. Ladies, those of you that have had yours for are they doing so far? I'm just concerned that mine looks soooo fragile. I find that my lambskins wear like iron, especially the vintage ones. I know my pony hair bag is very fragile, and now I'm concerned that I've gone and done it again and purchased another fragile bag that I won't be able to use much. they scuff or scratch easily? Does the finish seem to be wearing any? How are the corners? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts....
  2. which one do you have?
    My metallic black Luxury Flap is more than 2 years old now and it still looks like I bought it yesterday, I haven't babied it at all.
  3. Swanky, I have the 227 metallic brown.
  4. mine so far so good... but all of my metallics are 2008
  5. I can't say for sure but it seems like the SS'08 metallics seem like they're not as fragile as the regular lambskin. The distressed metallic look I think makes it harder to see/notice scratches if you get any...

    Cyndee, where were you able to find a metallic brown? I wish I could see one in person!
  6. Nakobear, I 'm in Canada. Here's a pic of mine.....

  7. i think it is ok. But all these biodegradable anyway.....I have the SS08 Metallic Silver (looks like pewter so some call it dark silver).
  8. I have the 2007 black metallic and I find it to be as durable as caviar. I also have 2 2008 metallics. I have used the 2007 a ton and it looks brand new. That is one reason I love the metallics. You do not have to baby them.
  9. I have an 08 metallic navy reissue that I just bought in february and the metallic finish is wearing off especially on the back on the bag and this was just from using it one time!! The corners were a bit scuffed already when I got the bag and the SA said that because the bag is hand made and metallic it happens and when she checked the other metallics she had all had some scuff marks on them. Now i'm too scared to even use the bag because I don't want it to get worse. I can honestly say that I won't ever buy another metallic bag after this experience.
  10. ^^ really? That's bad. Sorry to hear that.

    My DS 07's matellic leather is still in good condition & still smell good :tup:
  11. my navy metallic already has a slight scratch, but you won't notice it since it almost blends it with the creases, and no, there's no leather showing though the scratch (I actually don't know how I got one since I always watch out not to touch or bump into anything hard/sharp). If you look at my corners very closely they also seem to have a thinner metallic coating, but I can't say worn off since it's been like that from the beginning. but the back of it is like new, the metallic didn't wear off from the ~7 times I used it
  12. I've had really good luck with mine. I have a few 07 metallics and 2 from 08. I use them all! I also have the Metallic Brown in the 226. I have used it about 3-4 times with no problems. I think they are much more durable, or hide it better than the lambskins. I do baby all my bags though.....
    Good luck! Enjoy it, it is a beautiful bag!
  13. My silver has minute scratches around the mademoiselle lock from my fingernails. Aside from that, it still looks pristine. My black has a scratch on the lock but perfect leather. I haven't used my purple yet, so no comment.
  14. Hmmm I'm wondering if mine is defective because it doesn't seem like anyone else is having the same problem.:s
  15. i have three 08 metallics and wear one of them everyday. i've been carrying the metallic white for several days now, and it still looks good as new. i wear it crossbody and doubled up. no rub off or scratches as of yet. i think the metallics hold up very well!! :tup: