How forgiving should I be?


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Nov 28, 2006
First of all, thanks to everyone who responded in my previous thread! What follows is the awful experience I had with Coach....
(If you want to skip the longggg explanation below, here's the cliffsnotes version.

I had a horrible experience at Coach due to multiple human errors for one transaction. The one SA responsible frankly couldn't care less though the ones NOT responsible were very apologetic. This experience didn't make me swear off Coach, but I'm definitely not going back to this particularly boutique and it's most definitely tainted Coach's image in my book. It ruined my day. Should I take it up to Coach and write a formal letter of complaint? If so, would they just write back and say "SUCKS TO YOU BE YOU HOPE YOU HAVE A BETTER EXPERIENCE NEXT TIME KTHXBYE")

I went to the Coach boutique to exchange my shoulder bag for the signature shoulder zip. They didn't have it in-store so they offered to send it to me (as expected). Sucks, but hey what can you do right? Little did I know that ordering one bag could be so insanely difficult...

To make a long painful story short, here's what happened:

1. The SA ordered the shoulder bag. "Oops" #1.
2. Voided the bag. The SA ordered the leather shoulder zip. (I wanted the sig) "Oops" #2.
3. It's been 5 minutes. Can't void the leather bag anymore! "Oops" #2.5
4. I went back to order the shoulder zip instead of waiting for the leather one to arrive so that I could exchange it. SA forgot to give me the receipt. "Oops" #3

I know it's busy post-Christmas and granted the place definitely wasn't empty, but I've seen Coach stores be SIGNIFICANTLY busier. The first error was rather irksome, but hey, mistakes happen. We're all human. I know how sucky it is to work retail, so I gave them a break. Error #2? Already a bit ridiculous since they'd already messed up once. I would think that they'd make an EXTRA EFFORT to make sure they didn't screw it up again. Error #2.5 was a bit annoying, but it really wasn't in the store/SA's power. (But really, 5 minutes is a really short grace period. The whole transaction takes 5 minutes to begin with!) Error #3....the final straw. Don't some stores offer to give you $5 or some other compensation if their cashier forgets to give you the receipt?!

ALL FOUR TIMES the SA's didn't notice what they were doing wrong. I had to point it out all four times. I was patient through the whole thing, and granted, they had apologized. By the time I left the store however, I was fuming.

I know it's not the "cashier" SA's fault (except for #3), but the original "floor" SA was very nonchalant and completely didn't care that she had given the other SA the wrong style # TWO times. Both times she just shrugged and said "Oh. I thought it was the right one..." The final time, the manager came herself to work things out. NEVER was I unclear about which bag I wanted. No SA ever said "Sorry I misheard." They had always said "Sorry, we had the wrong style #." (In other words, they're fully aware that it's their fault and not mine.)

Individually, each mistake is more than forgivable in my opinion. But if I'm buying such an expensive bag (I know here at tPF, a couple hundred is NOTHING but "in real life" a couple hundred bucks for a bag is a lot), this many mistakes in one measly transaction is sort of pathetic. I'm considering taking this up to Coach by writing a formal letter of complaint (which will also be e-mailed). I'm not FISHING for a coupon or anything. I'm just sorely disappointed by how ridiculously "untrained" the SA's appeared to be. This was REALLY sh*tty service by ANY standards...let alone a reputable company/store such as Coach. It really angered me, and quite frankly, I'm never going back to that store. I won't swear off Coach altogether (as I know this is only one store out of lots), but it ruined my day and my opinion of that particular boutique.

The final question: Should I take it up to Coach or should I just be ridiculously forgiving since it's "The Holiday Season?" :hysteric: :hysteric: :cursing:


wake're alive
Sep 3, 2006
i would just put the experience behind you, personally. yeah, it sucks. but that's happened to me before.

last time i went in, i was literally arguing with an sa about the existence of a bag...i knew WAY more than they did!


Mar 19, 2006
I say forgive and move on. But I would either avoid the store completely if there is another one nearby that you can shop at or avoid the SA that had such a poor attitude. Like you said, the good news is that your new Legacy bag is coming! Congrats on your first Coach bag!


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
If they had given you an attitude about it, I'd complain. But being that it's the busy season and none of them gave you an attitude, I'd just let it slide. If it happens again, that's another story bu that's just my opinion.


Mar 19, 2006
You mean the shipping confirmation email? Usually within a day or two of ordering and I always get my items at least a day sooner than FedEx says it will arrive! Post when you get it so we can oohh and ahhh over it! I have the Legacy shoulder bag in black and want one of the Legacy bags in pond when they come out. (the shoulder bag or hopefully the Ali)


Jul 4, 2006
To loose some steam, just write a note as if you were to send it to Coach to complain. That way you are taking some healing steps. Don't send it until you get your bag because you will be overcome with joy that the anger from your experience will fade away. If it doesn't then go ahead and contact Coach. So sorry this happened to you btw.


Feb 1, 2006
CONGRATS on your bag! Sorry about the SA. I find that all stores are different. I have 3 that I shop at and in each one there are SA's I will work with and ones I will not work with. And I am in the same boat as most of us here, I'm usually more informed about their products than they are.

Maybe just place a complaint call into the customer service line about that particular SA. It will get it known and hey you may get put on their preferred customer list and start seeing the 25% discount cards?