how find two zipper Faridah?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    First time in the MJ section for me. I just saw a picture of the super beautiful MbMJ Faridah on this site and since I'm looking for a edgy looking, roomy, leather bag I thought this looked perfect for me. I'm trying to find a bag to replace my old Balenciaga which I have been using day and night for two years. Now to the difficult part... I don't want the totally turnlock Faridah, OR the softy Faridah without outside zipper which are easy to come by. Of course, my heart is set on the two zipper version (two zippers on the outside that is) and it seems totally impossible to find! What do you experts say about it? Is it still available somewhere or is it a discontinued version of the bag? I'm totally new to Marc Jacobs so I have no idea! If it is unavailable, do you think I might find one on Ebay (I've already looked for it there today, but no two zippers in at the moment). Please help me, I'm desperate!
  2. Are you talking about this Faridah (left)?


    If so, I think your only option is eBay. This bag is from Spring 2007 and I don't believe it's in retail stores anymore (unless maybe in the Last Call stores?) Even on eBay, I haven't seen this bag for a while now.

    Good luck with your search!

  3. I, too, have been searching for either of these bags, the Faridah or the older tote. I really think these older versions are so much better than their newer counterparts.