How Fickle are you?

  1. Oh Boy....Did you ever buy a bag and know when you got it that you really wanted something else? I do this all the time and lose alot of money because of it.

    I just got that smooth leathered Sienna in Cognac. I got it out to use it and knew I should have waited for a Black one instead. I thought I should grab what I could at the time but I should have just waited until a authentic Black one came along.

    So I am going to sell the Cognac and find a Black one. I'm disgusted with myself. What a waste of time and money. I need to be more deliberate with what I buy and make sure I really want it.

    Do you guys ever do this?
  2. I do that constantly! And yes, it costs a fortune. Just in the last 3 months I've bought 3 or 4 bags (including a couple Koobas) that I just didn't care for when they came. One was that stiff black pebbled sienna, at least I bought that from Revolve and was able to return it, but still out $24 for shipping. (Soft black should be here today!) The ones on eBay are really tough. Have to resell and usually end up with quite a loss, especially if the bag sells for alot less than you paid.
    I bought a Carla Mancini that I loved the pictures of, just didn't like it IRL. I tried something different with that one. I e-mailed the next highest bidder to see if she wanted to buy it for her highest bid, which was $5 less than I won it for. She did, so I only ended up losing $14 on that one. Seems like the average I lose is around $30 per bag though.
    I don't even want to think about the time and money wasted, I would probably stay off the internet! Well, no, that's not true, bad it does make you sick.
    There's a Gustto ended today that I've been watching for 2 weeks now. I really like the pictures, but don't know if it will be too big IRL. I'll end up buying it, not liking it, and reselling at a loss:sad: . Using reverse psycology here, maybe if I think I won't like it, I will!!!
  3. I try to avoid it, LOL

    I only buy one every now and then (when finances allow it..) and try to hold my horses and not jump on one before I'm absolutely sure I'm gonna love it..but you know, living where I do, it's rarely possible to check out a bag IRL (it's getting better, we've got LV and Gucci now and I just discovered this truly beautiful place stocking Balenciaga, Bulga and Botiker, also Chanel and Hugo Boss are moving in), and that's often when the mistakes happen:sad:

    I think you're just feeling a bit disheartened now with all the rubbish you had to endure with the spring Koobas, too much money to lose when you have to sell before you've hardly used them...anyway, forget about it, Lexie, flog the Cognac and put the money towards a black one, maybe one will crop up on eBay after the sample sale rampage...:smile:

    You know I would have had that Cognac off you had I not already bought one, especially already Wilson proofed..bad timing, eh?
  4. I think we all have experienced that, Lexie.

    We get so excited about finding 'the one' and jump the gun, buying before thoughtful contemplation. I do that with the vintage Koobas, knowing they will be gone forever.

    I have learned a lesson with that Gustto Torlia. I wanted that bag in the worst way and still think it is beautiful. But when the seller said it would be 2 more weeks before delivery, I cancelled. The bloom had faded and I can live without it now.

    I don't know the real answer though. I LOVE the hunt to find the best deal, the next great bag. Maybe if I can do that virtually instead of in real life, I would save alot of money.

    I will live vicariously through all of your purchases. *s
  5. Thank Goodness I have a means to resell them. I would be up a creek. I listed the Cognac 25$ cheaper than I paid with hopes of selling it quick but I never really had anything that didn't sell so I should have this gone in 8 days or so and have more money for the Sienna I want. I hope to find one soon. If Bessie comes up empty handed I'll have you all on a Huge search for me. Glad I'm not the only one who does this.
  6. Yeah, I'm fickle but my fickleness seems to be in deciding which bag out of dozens I really want. Right now I'm switching between the Elisha and the Sydney. I've been saying I'll get the Elisha for months now and so far, I've gotten two other bags... no Elisha.

    Once I have the bags, I love them. It's just hell trying to nail down a choice when there are so MANY out there.
  7. I saw your sienna on eBay and was seriously considering buying it...

    Yes, I do that all the time. I bought a pebbled sienna in bourbon on ebay for 355, than saw it and knew I didn't want it. I only sold it for 285! :sad:

    I ordered that sloane in honey...LOVED the color but didnt' like the size. Luckily that was from revolve and I didn't lose any money on that one.
  8. Yea, I bought the Sienna for 395 and hope I can get the 375 BIN. If not, I'll relist. I always lose money. Sometimes I think I sell my stuff too cheap but I just want it sold. I have made money on a few occasions but basically I just try to recoup some of my money.